United States Air Force
Nov 1956

Led by Lt. Col Marcus L. Hill Jr. Eight B-52B aircraft (four from the 93 Heavy Bombing Wing and four from the 42nd Heavy Bombing Wing) made a non-stop flight completely circling the U.S., Canada and the North.

The aircraft were in the air for 30 hours 30 minutes and covered 16,000 miles

From Left: Lt. Col. hill and his crew, Maj. George m. Salter Jr. (Pilot), Maj. Adolph Aguilar (Radar navigator), Lt. Col. Allen T. Ballard (Navigator),M/Sgt. Clifford L. Stovall (Tail gunner), Maj. Frenchy D. Bennett (extra A/C), Maj. H.S. Bourgoin (ar Navigator) and Tech. Sgt. M.D. Wing (Crew Chief)