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Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4S (Phantom II) Serial No: 153904 


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 mickey stewart
 warminster pa., Pennsylvania

I was stationend @ NAf AIMD and VFP_206 81-86. You can find me on facebook
08/04/2009 @ 21:09 [ref: 8836]
 Bob Camburn
 Snover, Michigan

I was stationed at NAF Washing from 1970 - 75. Loved the place. Good Duty. Call me. Bob Camburn
03/06/2008 @ 08:49 [ref: 6872]
 Gary J. Moffatt AMH-3
 Warren, Michigan

I was stationed at NAF DC from 10-69 to 4-71. There is currently a reunion committee for NAF Andrews. I have been elected as the Commander of that reunion. We just had a reunion in July 07 and a tour of NAF. If any that were stationed there or are still there, please contact me. There is no money involved. We currently have 52 members and looking for more.
03/03/2008 @ 06:50 [ref: 6866]
 John T. Terschak
 Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

I was stationed at N.A.F. 65 to 68. We had one A-3 for the Sec. Of Navy, around 14 T-1A's. beechcrafts,T-28's, a few heavies, plus Project Jenny. I enjoyed my stay there and the men &women I worked with. I have kept in touch with about four of my shipmates. And would love to hear from others who were there. In fact I would like to set up a reunion. So if any one reads this and was stationed at NAF Andrews email me. John Terschak ADJ3
03/24/2006 @ 08:56 [ref: 4910]
 carson, Connecticut

u stink
04/07/2004 @ 19:27 [ref: 3054]
 clarence kennedy
 washington, District of Columbia

How fast do the stelf bomber go at the speed of sound also the f16 or the hariregry plane
10/02/2002 @ 09:25 [ref: 2526]
 , Maryland

I worked with this aircraft from it's transfer into VMFA-321 until it's retirement. It served as the squadron skipper's aircraft until it was retired hence the MODEX 000.
08/14/2002 @ 11:33 [ref: 2380]
 cooee, Florida

dear shahid hanom cart littledada19
04/13/2002 @ 20:14 [ref: 2034]
 , Maryland

NAF Washington is located within Andrews AFB in Camp Springs, Maryland.
12/06/2001 @ 10:21 [ref: 1678]
 Peter Barrows
 , Kentucky

Further update to Pat\'s previous: Our F-4S is back together, dedicated, and welcoming all visitors in person to the museum or on line at Youall come see us. P.S. Travelaire Pepsi Skywriter is about to arrive.
11/13/2001 @ 20:23 [ref: 1612]

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