Port of Tillamook Bay

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Exhibits - By Primary role
Commercial Transport (USA)
 Cessna 180F Serial No: 18051246  
Fighter (Germany)
 Messerschmitt Me-208 Serial No: 175 
Helicopter, Training - 'HT' 1948-1962
 Kaman HTK-1 (Huskie) Serial No: 129313 
Helicopter - NAVY 'H' 1948-Present
 Bell TH-57A (SeaRanger) Serial No: 157363 
Transport, Single-Engined - 'G' 1939-1941
 Fairchild GK-1 Serial No: 7033  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 , Oregon

I was there a while ago and it was cool! oh and i just read in the Pacific Flyer that they got a japanese WW2 fighter. guess i went to early. :-( P.S. just a tip, if you are using an older camera like i was, set it to a slower shutter speed. It's dark in there! P.S.S Bring a LOT of film!
03/04/2007 @ 17:28 [ref: 5681]
 Frank K Powers Jr
 Gardiner,, Maine

Hello: Maybe I can be of some help to you and what your looking for. I just might have information about this airplane that look a lot like the Firchild F-24 that was used by bush operaters before World War ll. Both the Navy and the Army Air Force used identicaly airplanes in light transport and lasion duties during the war. Contact me and I will be to share what i have with you.
03/05/2005 @ 17:03 [ref: 3875]
 Alberto Gomez Copello
 Buenos Aires, Alabama

Your Me-208 looks quite different from the others. Were there different versions? Your plane looks like a single seater, while all the specs I have say it was a four-seater. The picture looks like an Me-109 with a Mustang engine and propeller. I would like to know more about this particular plane.
01/10/2002 @ 18:48 [ref: 1764]
 Dave Renner
 Belleville, Illinois

Could You Please Send Some Info On Your ME 208.
01/08/2002 @ 17:35 [ref: 1758]
 Michael Willaford
 Raleigh, North Carolina

Could you please send me some pictures of the Me-208. I would also enjoy any history/info you could give me about the aircraft. Are there any that are still airworthy(if so how many)?
11/09/2000 @ 16:37 [ref: 582]

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