Douglas TA-4F 'Skyhawk'

Notes: A-4F modified with dual controls and longer forward fuselage (2 CREW) .
  Base model:A-4
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Attack
  Modified Mission:Trainer
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  Length: 42' 7" 12.9 m
  Height:15' 3" 4.6 m
  Wingspan: 27' 6" 8.3 m
  Wingarea: 260.0 sq ft 24.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 10,602 lb 4,808 kg
  Gross Weight: 15,783 lb 7,157 kg
  Max Weight: 24,500 lb 11,111 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J52-P-8A
  Thrust (each): 9,300 lb 4,217 kg

  Range: 1,350 miles 2,173 km
  Max Speed: 660 mph 1,062 km/h 574 kt
  Ceiling: 38,700 ft 11,795 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USMC MALS-14 Cherry Point SC
USMC MALS-24 MCAS Kaneohe Bay HI

Known serial numbers
152846 / 152878, 153459 / 153531, 153660 / 153690, 154287 / 154343, 154614 / 154657


Recent comments by our visitors
 Mark A Jones
 Lake Villa, IL
I was a plane captain (Gen. Mech) at H&MS 31 72-74. I managed to get some rear seat time on more than a few occasions. It flew like a dream and handled like a sports car. I loved that TA4F. Great Jet.
11/25/2011 @ 09:12 [ref: 50660]
 Miguel A Martinez
 Las Cruces, NM
Nice portrait by Brian Backman of the TA-4F's in formation flying. The aircraft belonged to the MCAS Beaufort, SC H&MS 31 Squadron. I actually maintained the aircraft depicted by Brian. The Bureau Number for aircraft 03 was 154321, an easy number to enter when completing the MAF (maintenance) documents.
02/25/2011 @ 11:36 [ref: 36298]
 Jim Hockenberry
 Livonia,, MI
Was assigned to H&MS-33 Flight Operations from Jan/Dec 69. All of the flying we did was in support of the other squadron in MAG-33. Most of our hops were with new pilots in the back seat to get more simulated and actual instrument time. Transition training was done with VMT-103 in Yuma AZ. With the Vietnam was going on, a few of them didn't get all the IFR training they should have. Other squadrons were VMA-214, VMFA-531 and VMCJ-3. I worked under CaptJohn Osantowski and CaptDean Percival.
08/11/2007 @ 12:35 [ref: 17560]
 John Maddox
 Phelan, CA
I was assigned to H&MS-13 (OMD) as the NCO/SNCO of the Engine Shop (MOS 6022) from 1976 to late 1977, when 4 of the 8 assigned Aircraft (TA-4's) were painted different camouflaged and IR resistant colors to see which colors were best suited for both visual acuity and Radar evasion. There was a Sky Blue, or light blue scheme, a Light Blue/Grayish Scheme a Dark Brown Scheme and a Light "Saudi Sand" color Scheme. I still have a picture hanging on the wall of the four color schemes flying formation off the Southern California coast (I was in the rear seat of the Light Blue Aircraft). I'll try to scan the picture in and send it out so you can post to your Web Site.
07/29/2007 @ 20:36 [ref: 17343]
 Jeffrey M Miller
 Palm City, FL
I was stationed at MCAS El Toro from 6/68-10/69. I was the NCO in charge of flight operations for H & M squadron 33. We had 4 TA-4F Skyhawks and 1 C-47. The pilots loved the 4F. I qualified and flew in the back seat a few times. What a ride!
06/17/2007 @ 05:08 [ref: 16855]
 Dan Peterson
 Anchorage, AK
HI. You missed one...I was Stationed at USMC Air Station El-Toro, CA. In 1977 a new TA-4F Unit was created, It was called H&MS-13 (OMD)...That stands for Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron. These 9 aircraft were testing new hardware for tactical strikes. We flew with a squadron souped up single seat A-4s. At any rate we kicked Ass...Hope this makes it to your great web site...
08/05/2005 @ 00:24 [ref: 10925]


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