General Dynamics YF-16A 'Fighting Falcon'

Notes: Prototype F-16A.
  Manufacturer:General Dynamics
  Base model:F-16
  Nickname:Fighting Falcon
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter

  Length: 49' 3" 15.0 m
  Height:16' 5.2" 5.0 m
  Wingspan: 31' 0" 9.4 m
  Wingarea: 300.0 sq ft 27.8 sq m
  Empty Weight: 14,567 lb 6,606 kg
  Gross Weight: 22,785 lb 10,333 kg
  Max Weight: 33,000 lb 14,965 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 (A/B 23,830Lb/10,809Kg)
  Thrust (each):14,870 lb 6,653 kg

  Cruise Speed: 577 mph 929 km/h 502 kt
  Max Speed: 1,350 mph 2,173 km/h 1,174 kt
  Ceiling: 50,000 ft 16,763 m

Known serial numbers
75-0745 / 75-0750

Examples of this type may be found at
Virginia Air and Space Center / Hampton History CenterHamptonVirginia

YF-16A on display

Virginia Air and Space Center / Hampton History Center


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 , CO
Questions? www.f-16.net , and if that doesn't work, just jump into the forums! Go Vipers!
06/03/2004 @ 02:00 [ref: 7537]
 Stephane Jacobs
I'm looking for pics of the first YF16. The one with the "desert" deco (liht yellow and light blue). Can anyone tell me where to find it ?

04/09/2004 @ 16:27 [ref: 7186]
 Liu Jian
 Hong Kong, China, OTH
this aircraft is superb, though it may seem primitive, in my perspective, it performs like a charm. So maneuverable and so powerful. Truly a fighter pilot's aircraft
no wonder it beat the stupid yf-17 in the light fighter competition
04/08/2004 @ 04:15 [ref: 7173]
 Mario P.B. Capelli
 Curitiba , PR , Brazil, AL
Gentlemans, I am building a 1/48 model of the General Dynamics YF-16 # 2 aircraft ( 568 ) , but I do not have any photo of its opened speed brake . As long as I know those speed brakes were painted red on the Prototypes machines and I suspect the interior of the speed brakes were different from those on the prodution F-16A . I just can not build speed brakes opened if I really do not know how were its interiors. Can You help me ?
Contact to : mariodopilar@hotmail.com
08/19/2002 @ 10:22 [ref: 5509]
 Joseph Fata
 , FL
Does anyone know if there are any F-16\'s in a bone yard or somewhere were they could be purchased for a private museum??
If you have any Idea, Please let me know.
03/03/2002 @ 19:56 [ref: 4441]
 Mark Vincze
 Brisbane, AZ
Can anyone say why the F16 comes with a delta/reflexive wing-strake as opposed to the more effective gothic wing-strake of the YF-17 , SR-71 and F18E/F.

The strake could easily by wrapped around the front of the nose area of the F-16 (like the SR-71) for better high alpha lifting characteristics.
10/04/2001 @ 00:01 [ref: 3317]


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