Lockheed C-60 'Lodestar'

  Base model:C-60
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

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Known serial numbers
41-29633 / 41-29647, 42-32166 / 42-32180, 42-108787 / 42-108792

Examples of this type may be found at
Lone Star Flight MuseumGalvestonTexas
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia

C-60 on display

Lone Star Flight Museum

The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"


Recent comments by our visitors
 , MS
The 1st two photos in the series below are a Howard 500 rather than a C -60/L-18 as labeled. A close look will reveal the reg. is N500HP owned and flown by the Phillpi Co. In Minn. Incidentally, the third photo is of the CAF C-60/L-18/Howard 250 that crashed on take-off at Midland, Tx few years ago.
04/14/2012 @ 17:05 [ref: 55651]
 , NH
RE: Soundair Howard 500s...

I was a rookie Boston Center controller in the 1982-1985 timeframe, and remember working the Soundair Howard 500 flight(s) betwen the Maritimes and Quebec/Ontario provinces as they crossed northern Maine on the overnight/midnight shifts! Theirs was the only flight or two (westbound and return) for most of the night back then... now it gets rather busy with trans-Atlantic traffic for most of the night.

Great memories.
03/12/2012 @ 09:47 [ref: 54229]
 Caz Caswell
 Horsham, West Sussex, OTH
Re the Soundair Howard 500\\\'s
C-GLOM enderd up in the US, & C-GTIP had a load shift on take of at YYZ in the 80\\\'s
Although back in the UK since 2001, I worked in Canada 77-01
I have pix of both aircraft mentioned, out side Fields hangar 3
12/22/2008 @ 14:52 [ref: 23311]
 Marc-André Lapierre
 Montreal, QC
42-108787 IS being restored as of www.cf-cpa.ca

10/19/2007 @ 18:57 [ref: 18248]
 John D. Voss
 , CA
A grand total of 361 of the C-60 series Lodestar were procured. All were powered by Wright R-1820-87 engines.

C-60 (36)
C-60A (325) fitted with paratroop benches
C-60B (1) a C-60A fitted with hot air de-icers
C-60C (0) fitted with large cargo doors. Cancelled 691
04/06/2006 @ 16:05 [ref: 13064]
 lee gordon
 taylors, SC
any one know what happened to n61m lodestar out of houston hobby airport?
09/18/2005 @ 21:48 [ref: 11270]
 Gerald Asher
 Fort Worth, TX
The Lockheed operated my the CAF's Mile High Wing was destroyed in a takeoff accident in October 2004 in Midland, Texas.
09/02/2005 @ 13:30 [ref: 11148]
 Mitchell Johnson
 Horseheads, NY
We are seeking information concerning the crash of a C-60 Lodestar May 7,1944 near what is now the Elmira Corning Regional Airport.We have copied the original article about the crash from our local newspaper and have subsequently located and recovered small bits of the wreckage.
04/14/2004 @ 16:00 [ref: 7217]
 John Ford
 Vacaville, CA
Recently declassified historical documents reveal several C-60 serial numbers of aircraft flown by the 21st TCS of Brisbane, Australia in 1942: 42-32166, 42-32168, 42-32172, 42-32173, 42-32174, 42-32175, 42-32176, and VH-CEI. The lettered tail numbers indicate conscripted civialian airline aircraft.
04/27/2002 @ 08:13 [ref: 4811]
 , ON
hi guys,
im trying to find 2- howard 500's
in 1980 two were employed as cargo ships for soundair(owen sound air) out of yyz in field aviation's hanger
i'm trying to find how the old girls are and what became of their fate
reg letters then were : CG-TIP brown
CG-LOM blue
les was the main pilot
roly (sparling)
colin ? , were the mechanics who specialized in radials

can anyone shed some light on the above aircraft?


01/01/2002 @ 15:27 [ref: 3949]


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