Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI

  Base model:MiG-15
  Basic role:Trainer / Utility Transport (USSR)

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Examples of this type may be found at
Cavanaugh Flight MuseumAddisonTexas
Confederate Air Force - Arizona WingMesaArizona
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona

MiG-15UTI on display

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Confederate Air Force - Arizona Wing

Pima Air & Space Museum


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 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, VA
NATO code name is MIDGET
08/15/2014 @ 03:38 [ref: 68607]
 Waldemar Mochalski
 London, ON

I am a volunteer for the Jet Aircraft Museum based in London, Ontario. In our collection we have recently imported a SB Lim-2 from the United States and would appreciate any Maintenance Manuals to this aircraft that anybody may possess. I am currently translating the log-book from Polish to English to help out our maintenance guys understand this aircraft a bit better. And we could use a good reference guide to dismantling and over hauling our Mig. We would appreciate anybody's help in these areas, and even if the manuals are in Polish that is no problem as I may translate these.

Waldemar M
07/14/2013 @ 07:56 [ref: 67946]
 , MA
Is this MiG 15 still available for purchase? I am looking for a Mig 3/9/ or 15 for sale.
07/25/2008 @ 19:20 [ref: 22260]
I have a two-seater UT Mig-15 with hours on the engine and airframe for sale (actually I'd prefer to trade it for a light single e.g. Cessna but can sell too). She previously flew in the Polish Air Forces and has nice history (the books show the first Polish astronaut Miroslaw Hermaszewski has been flying it). Last time she was taxied this year. Before the flight she only needs checks and arming the hot-seat and some minor exterior job to make it shiny. We
can send our mechanic who can assemble the aircraft and do the checks at your site.
09/08/2004 @ 03:56 [ref: 8233]
 Dave Sutton
 , PA
We're operating an ex-Polish Naval Aviation MiG-15UTI from Reading Pennsylvania, USA. She's available for flight training, etc., all done to the highest military standards. Contact me for details if desired.
02/28/2004 @ 21:58 [ref: 6872]
 M. Mayerhofer& M. Brook
 Brisbane, Queensland, ME
We are currently restoring a 1956 MiG-15UTI (Lim-2) in Brisbane Australia to airworthy condition, and looking for any spare parts such as brake items, tyres, spare engine (with documentation) canopies for sale or trade.
We have excess rear canopies, instruments and a variety of MiG-17 parts to swap for 15UTI spares.
Also available: Maintenance Manuals, Flight Manuals

If anyone knows about the history of this aircraft prior to 1990, when the jet was acquired from the Polish Air Force through PZL, any help in locating any documentation about this aircraft would be much appreciated.
MiG-15UTI (Lim-2)
Serial number: 622055
Date of Manufacture: December 1956
In service with Polish Airforce until late 80's.
09/03/2002 @ 21:35 [ref: 5610]
 vinci leonard
 buenos aires (SADD), FL
im a mechanic to the mig15 uti
im restore the only mig 15 in argentina
i need buy a maintenance manual and part catalog
the most important is a wiring diagram
im fly in mig 15 is realy good
sorry for my english and thaks
please contact me

12/12/2001 @ 22:26 [ref: 3814]
 , IL
I was a mechanic an this type of plane ,they ben coled
MIG 17b nick name; szpara; for simular look to the bird
i hawe fun working on this plane,ican share some info,maybe
a black & white pictures from air field
08/27/2001 @ 10:00 [ref: 3031]


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