Pereira X-28A 'Osprey I'

  Base model:X-28
  Nickname:Osprey I
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Research
  First Flew:1970/08/12

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 Guy E. Franklin
 Deatsville, AL
Mission: The homebuilt X-28A, known as the Osprey I, was ordered by the Navy in response to a perceived need for a small, inexpensive single-engine aircraft suitable for police-type duties in Southeast Asia. A single Continental C90-12 four-cylinder, horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine powered it.
Manufacturer: Pereira Aircraft
Number Built: 1
Sponsor: USN
Fastest Flight: 135 mph
Highest Flight: 18,000 feet
First Flight: 12 August 1970
Last Flight: 22 October 1971
Total Flights: many
Length: 17 feet 3 inches
Wingspan: 23 feet 0 inches
Height: 5 feet 3 inches.
Gross Weight: 900 lb

12/04/2006 @ 11:39 [ref: 14906]
 David Romeu
 New City, NY
I have an Osprey 1A (X-28A) that was about 90% constructed and sitting for about 20 years. The original fabricator passed away and I took over the project at about 10% completion. It has complete retractable landing gear, complete covered folding wings and flight controls, custom trailer, instruments, electric and fuel system. with a little work It would make a great display somewhere (hanging off a cable). In my opinion, it may be to old to possible fly anymore.

Shameful as it may be,I have decided to either donate it or destroy it sometime this year to make room for another project. If anyone out there wants this project aircraft or would like some photos please contact me by Email.

Dave Romeu - dromeu@optonline.net
01/13/2006 @ 05:11 [ref: 12139]


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