Piasecki HUP-2 (UH-25B) 'Retriever'

  Base model:HUP
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1950-1962
  Basic role:Helicopter, Utility
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  Length: 31' 10" 9.7 m
  Height:12' 6" 3.8 m
  Wingspan: 35' 10.6 m
  Gross Weight: 5,440 lb 2,467 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Continental R-975-42
  Horsepower (each): 550

  Range: 357 miles 574 km
  Max Speed: 120 mph 193 km/h 104 kt
  Ceiling: 12,467 ft 3,799 m

Examples of this type may be found at
MCAS El Toro Historical FoundationIrvineCalifornia


Recent comments by our visitors
 Guy Jessop
 Sparks, NV
I proudly own two Piasecki Retrievers, a HUP-2 and a HUP3. I am always looking for additional HUP's. Please contact me if there is a lead on one for sale. I want to see this part of history preserved. E-mail me @ guy@advancedpowdercoatingnv.com
03/13/2015 @ 14:31 [ref: 68981]
 K Bytwerk
 , MI
My family has had stored for many decades 6 helicopter blades with plates showing the model, blade serial numbers etc from 1952 Helic Mod. Hup-2. I believe they were made for use on the Retriever's. They may have been rejects, surplus, obsolete, I really don't know. Would look nice on display with minimal paint loss. We would like to sell them. I know this is not a sale website but I happened to come across it and hoped someone might have interest or suggestions on whom to contact. Thank you!
01/05/2015 @ 15:25 [ref: 68866]
 Bob curry
 , NY
HU 2 and hu2 Det 1 NAS Lakehurst and NAS norfolk va.
Assigned to 17 TAD carriers mt Olympus, Wisconsin oak marsh and others I can not remember.
10/21/2014 @ 07:27 [ref: 68706]
 Bob curry
 , NY
HU 2 and hu2 Det 1 NAS Lakehurst and NAS norfolk va.
Assigned to 17 TAD carriers mt Olympus, Wisconsin oak marsh and others I can not remember.
10/21/2014 @ 07:26 [ref: 68705]
 Saint Augustine, FL
After a world cruise from NOB Norfolk, VA aboard the USS Hornet CVA12 (1953-1954) ended in San Diego I was transferred to HU-1 at NAF Ream Field. I reenlisted there and about 2 month later went to the HU-1 Det. in Oppama, Japan. I was in the Oppama det until 1957. While in Oppama I flew test flighs with AMC-AP Ira Shellhart. Interestingly I was again station with Chief Shellhart in 1969 at NAS JAX where at that time he was one of only a very few enlisted Pilots(AP) still on active duty. While at Ream Field I made a number of "plane guard" cruises in the HUP-2. I have attached a couple of photo which i think were taken on the USS Hancock
03/05/2014 @ 12:30 [ref: 68402]
 John Morgan
 Fountain Valley, CA
I was in HU-1 from '61 to '65 and was a Plane Captain mostly on those flying bananas, but did work on everything else in the squadron, except the 46's. I served proudly with Jim Andrews, who made comments early on this page. He was the only pilot to allow me any stick time, great guy. I would like to hear from him or anyone else who may remember. I've always thought this was some of the best duty in the Navy for anyone who like aviation.
06/23/2012 @ 19:45 [ref: 61492]
 Marc-Eric Minard
 , OTH
Hi there,
I am a former French helo pilot and wanted to share a 50's HUP-2 picture with you (see below).
Does anybody know were this picture was taken?
3 helos on a USN deck...
Happy new year to naval aviation enthousiasts ;-)
01/16/2010 @ 14:30 [ref: 25587]
 henry lederer
 new bern, NC
I served in the Navy from 1955-1959.I was stationed at Lakehurst New Jersey in the helicopter squandron. I served on the USS SARATOGA. USS FORRESTAL, and the guided missle cruiser USS ALBANY.On the carriers we always had two Piasecki HUP-2 helicopters on board which became airborne whenever aircraft was launched and retrieved.I was part of the rescue crew that would take action in the event of a mishap.It was an experience that I have never forgotten.I am trying to obtain two Decals of the HUP-2 that I could place on my golf cart.I E-MAILED Piasecki twice but they never had the courtesy to reply.If anyone could help me locate these decals I certainly would appreciate it.
Thank You
Henry Lederer
200 bayswater court
New Bern NC
04/15/2008 @ 11:54 [ref: 20559]
 Lyndel D. Evans CWO3 Ret
 Lubbock, TX
I was a PO3 at NAS Dallas in 1956 where we had a couple of HUPs for the Reserves to fly. In order to get my 4 hours flight time in to qualify for non-crew flight skins, I volunteered to participate in practice pickups, 5 pickups equal 1 flight hour. Pickup number 12 was a near disaster as the pilot accelerated before I could get in the sling. I fell about ten feet unhurt but scared. They circled to try again and I gave the pilot a single finger salute and walked back to Ops. He tried to put me on report for insubordination. Never flew in a HUP again However in 1955 I escorted one from Yokosuka to Manila on a Japanese LST #607, a 21 day trip as the only American aboard.
02/06/2008 @ 08:28 [ref: 19577]
 john goble
 , CT
About 15 HUP-2's were sold directly to the French Navy, including BuNo 130082. We have the ship back in the states, undergoing restoration.
10/22/2007 @ 09:57 [ref: 18272]


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