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 Tony Wessel
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I visited this museum last week mostly to see the aircraft stored outdoors at the airport nearby. Unfortunately those aircraft are fenced in and I was told I could "take pictures through the fence" which I did. There are also some nice displays inside the museum proper, including a MiG-15. I have my pics posted on Facebook. Copy and paste this link into your browser: Facebook users feel free to "add" me to see all my other pics. If the link doesn't work you can contact me at
03/26/2010 @ 14:58 [ref: 9309]
 Daleville, Alabama

I saw this museum as i was flying out of birmingham, i decided i needed to go visit it after that. I am glad i did. It is a very good museum with lots to do and an excellent soon to be engine exibit. Once it is done i thing this will be a top notch museum. Right now it is just a bit disapointing because most of the aircraft need painting and they are not eazily accessible.
09/08/2008 @ 13:40 [ref: 8409]
 , Alabama

Absolutely a tremendous experience. A large selection of aircraft from the "Century of Aviation" are available for viewing from a "Wright Flyer" through an A-12 to the "Beechcraft Starship"! Civilian, Army, Navy, Air Force, Home Built Aircraft and Helicopters are displayed. Childrens activities, simulators, aviation giftshop items and tours are available. The museum supports the area EAA who are returning many older aircraft to their like new condition in a large renovation hangar. The museum also houses the "Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame" which tells the stories of individuals who made Alabama rich aviation history. You really must see this large and growing facility when you are in the Birmingham area.
05/07/2008 @ 01:59 [ref: 7465]
 Andrew Bates
 Sutton Coldfield,

Well worth the visit. Excellent selection of aircraft and exhibits. Had my own guided tour of the restoration area as well. Very interesting and much appreciated.
08/26/2002 @ 17:35 [ref: 2423]
 Harry Woods
 Sellersburg, Indiana

Smallish, but they have plans on expanding. Interesting items from the "Red Baron" on display. Many engines. Tends to focus of general aviation - My opinion. I had "discovered" this museum by mistake on my way back from Atlanta to Birmingham airport. I followed the signs and was AMAZED to see a A-12! Good thing noone was behind me when I suddenly stopped the car. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing about this aircraft in the museum, its just left out in the "annex" down the road. (beside 4 rusting hulks) The fastest plane on earth, and its not a (or THE for that matter) master showpiece of the museum is beyond comprehension.
05/11/2001 @ 13:49 [ref: 1093]
 birmingham, Alabama

i was looking for some photo that was on the web site that was taken about june of this year. it had father son and wife in it looking at some planes. if u have them would u send them to me by e-mail. Thanks xavier
08/07/2000 @ 21:05 [ref: 359]

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