Martin B-26B 'Marauder'


  Base model:B-26
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
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Known serial numbers
41-17544 / 41-17624, 41-17625, 41-17626 / 41-17644, 41-17645 / 41-17851, 41-17852 / 41-17946, 41-17947 / 41-17973 , 41-17974 / 41-18184 , 41-18185 / 41-18334 , 41-31573 / 41-31672 , 41-31673 / 41-31772 , 41-31773 / 41-31872 , 41-31873 / 41-31972 , 41-31973 / 41-32072 , 42-43260 / 42-43459 , 42-95629 / 42-95828 , 42-95829 / 42-96028 , 42-96029 / 42-96228

Examples of this type may be found at
National Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDist of Col
National Warplane MuseumGeneseoNew York

B-26B on display

National Warplane Museum


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 , NY
I am going to save the URL and will definitely visit again.This is an elegant blog post.

10/09/2012 @ 22:53 [ref: 67292]
 Chuck Robinson
 Nampa, ID
My father, T/Sgt Llewellyn E."Robbie" Robinson flew the B 26 in WWII as a tail gunner/radio operator. He has written a book (not published) of his 40 missions. It starts with the harrowing trip from the states via the northern route to North Africa. They flew out of North Africa/Tunis. His book is more of a diary than a story but contains a tremendous amount of history. I now have a lot of old photos of some of the planes that returned damaged as well as a history of such events as when they had to bomb the Abbey of Monte Casino. He was credited with two "kills" and a whole lot of "scares"! He was a "member" of the 440th bomb squadron and the plane was the "Twin Engine" Queenie #34895. I have all his old service papers and photos.
Chuck Robinson
07/03/2007 @ 17:42 [ref: 17006]
 Robert Iles
 Austin, TX
I happened upon the Kermit Weeks B-26 at Chino in 1993 while on a business trip. I have a few photos of me with the aircraft that I can try to find and upload. My 81 year old uncle, Hank Rodrique, flew the B-26 at gunnery training school in Harlingen, TX. He also flew the rare P-63 KingCobra "Pinball Machine" in simulated air-to-air combat with bomber gunners.
01/03/2007 @ 10:37 [ref: 15084]
 Gary Lewis
 Ellerslie, GA
The B-26 Marauder that was under restoration at Chino, Calfornia, were actually recovered in the 1970's Canada by Mr. Dave Tallichett's crew. The interior of the aircraft still had the grease pencil "sign-off" initials of the sheetmetal supervisors. Imagine, what a find it was to recover three Martin B-26 Marauders. Kind Regards to all.
10/03/2006 @ 18:00 [ref: 14360]
 Denny Cole
 , FL
The only flying B-26 Marauder is located in Polk City (not far from Orlando) Florida USA. It is located at "Fantasy of Flight". This is not an A-26 but a Martin Marauder. Thought you all ming want to know this.
02/25/2004 @ 01:54 [ref: 6850]
 Stephen Burton
 , MI
Sorry guys - the photo displayed on this page as of today 7-12-2002 is NOT a Martin B-26, but a Douglas A-26 (later B-26) Invader. I too was priveledged to see the B-26 that was being restored in Chino Calif around 1993. Moved from the area before it flew. The March Air force Base Museum also has a Martin B-26, it is hard to see there, because the aircraft travels alot to air shows around the country.It is very much in demand due to it's extreme rarity. It is painted in a 1942 color scheme (red dot in the center of the star insignia). When it is 'home' they park it on a taxiway next to the museum facility. You can look at it, but not touch it. This aircraft may still listed in USAF inventory as it is maintained by a USAF ground crew at March.
07/12/2002 @ 15:55 [ref: 5297]
 g. Hilton
 Lone Jack, MO
Kermit Weeks has a flyable B-26 (Martin) at his museum in Polk City, Fl. I watched it's restoration thru the years at Chino, Ca. Was lucky to be there when they fired up her engines. I also saw a battered fuselage leave Chino on a flat bed trailer. I am not for sure, but I believe that both the airframes were the one's recovered in Alaska in the 1970's by Dave Tallichett????
05/10/2002 @ 18:28 [ref: 4919]
 Kenneth A. Kear
 Mesa, AZ
I'm building a 1/8 scale (106.5" W/S) (long wing) flying Radio control model of the Martin B-26B Marauder and would be very interested if any body could help guide me in the right direction as to where I could get a hold of some "VERY","VERY" accurate 3-views or actual prints of this aircraft.
The model will be covered in 0.0015 aluminum skin and riveted. This is why I need the "VERY" accurate documentation.

Thank you for time on this matter.

Kenneth A. Kear
One Eighth Air Force (Phoenix, Arizona)
05/09/2002 @ 01:49 [ref: 4904]
 Ben Bailey
 Altus, OK
I want to second Mr. Wilson's comment. The picture is indeed of a Douglas Invader. The Invader was originally given the designation of A26, and was a follow-on of the earlier Douglas A20 Havoc.

The Invader was redesignated as "B"26 sometime around the vintage of the Korean War. Since that time, confusion between the Douglas and the true B26 Marauder (built by Martin) has reigned supreme.

Are there examples of the Martin B26 in museums other than the US Air Force Museum?
12/01/2001 @ 21:34 [ref: 3754]
 Ted Wilson
 Birmingham, AL
The photograph entitled B-26B On Display is not a B-26 Marauder, it is a later B-26 Invader. This is a totally different airplane.
08/29/2001 @ 09:40 [ref: 3060]


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