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Exhibits - By Primary role
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Boeing B-47E (Stratojet) Serial No: 52-0595 
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Fairchild C-119L (Flying Boxcar) Serial No: 53-8084 
 Lockheed C-130A (Hercules) Serial No: 56-0518 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Jack Conrad
 Stanton, California

I was a crew member/flight engineer on the C130A in the (Red Fox)772 TCS out of Ardmore AFB, Japan, and inTennessee. I remember our old aircraft 0032 lots of good thoughts
01/24/2015 @ 07:16 [ref: 55731]
 Stephan Starkey
 Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Just to comment on the C130A (Herky Bird) on display at the LRAFB gate; this may be orginally from Naha AB, Okinawa. I was stationed there 1966-1967 as a Jet Eng.Mechanic. There were (3) squadrons of C130A's at Naha. The mission was TDY to Nam and Thailand. CMS S.Starkey,USAF/ANG Retired.
08/13/2014 @ 18:41 [ref: 55637]
 James R. Dowling
 Coram,, New York

I was at LRAFB from 9/61 to 5/63. with the 825th Combat Defense Squadron.
05/16/2014 @ 03:43 [ref: 55605]
 Steve Arnold
 Cabot, Arkansas

In response to John Dickerson post, B-58 55-0668 is on static display at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.
11/24/2013 @ 19:45 [ref: 55545]
 John G. Dickson
 San Beranardino, California

My father, Col John E. Dickson, Jr. flew out of LRAFB as the DSO on TB-58 55-0668 on Oct 14, 1964 (0900 to 1140 hours, about 1000 NM, for a pilot instrument check) / June 22, 1965 (1835 to 2045 hours, 1000 NM for pilot instrument training) / July 21, 1965 (1550-2205 hours, four separate hops, pilot instrument training, and there were two separate IP's for those flights, Dad's pilot must have been getting a real workout with at total of 2450 NM being flown that day). Dad passed in 2009. I have his log book trying to locate through the internet all or some of the actual aircraft that he flew on. Thanks for such a great website here.
10/21/2012 @ 00:09 [ref: 55340]
 Clarence Dick
 , Tennessee

I was with the 384th AEMS from 1960-1965 worked on 0595 many times as an ECM Technician. Have been back to the base once and saw 0595 on static display which brought back many memories of the ORTs and ORIs.
06/27/2011 @ 10:22 [ref: 17978]
 Tony Wessel
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In addition to the aircraft listed, there is a C-130E, b-57, C-123, and UH-1. Also by the ANG headquarters there are an RF-101C and RF-84F on display. i have pictures for 2009 posted on Facebook, just copy this link:
04/03/2011 @ 20:25 [ref: 14389]
 Jack Hayes
 , Oklahoma

as you can probably tell, I can't type to good either. Should have been Little Rock AFB, not AGB. Sorry
08/03/2010 @ 08:23 [ref: 10179]
 Jack Hayes
 , Oklahoma

I was stationed at LRAGB from March 62 to Oct 65. Worked flt line in OMS on B-47 then was lucky enough to transfer to 43rd OMS and worked recovery on TB-58s for about a year and a half.Made alot of good friends and have a lot of memories. Will never forget when we went on alert, for the Cuban Missile Crisis.
08/03/2010 @ 08:18 [ref: 10178]
 George I. Petrotta
 Florence, South Carolina

I just read the comments about the B-47 and T-33 on static display. I was at LRAFB from 1962 to 1966 and poured the concrete for the planes tires. Yes, the tires were loaded with concrete. I was with the 825th CE Squadron and if you look at the ditches around the base that have concrete in them, I helped do that too. We used our hands to get the concrete in between the rocks.
02/06/2009 @ 09:09 [ref: 8665]

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