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Exhibits - By Primary role
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Boeing B-17G (Flying Fortress) Serial No: 44-83542 
Commercial Transport (USA)
 Ford 5-AT-B (Tri-motor) Serial No: N9651 
Fighter - 'F' 1922-1962
 General Motors (Eastern Aircra FM-2 (Wildcat) Serial No: 086741 
 Vought F4U-4 (Corsair) Serial No: 97286 
Helicopter - 'H' 1948-Present
 Bell H-13G (Sioux) Serial No: 51-43170 
 Hiller YH-32 (Hornet) Serial No: N125JC 
Liaison - 'L' 1942-1962
 Piper L-4J (Grasshopper) Serial No: 54-0883 
Pioneer (Pre WW-I) (USA)
 Wright 1903Flyer Serial No: Unknown 
Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 North American P-51D (Mustang) Serial No: 44-13321 
Racer (USA)
 Gee Bee Model Z Serial No: NR77N 
Utility Transport (USA)
 Lockheed Vega5-A Serial No: Unknown 
[Not yet classified]
  S_4 Serial No: Unknown  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 , Florida

GOOD NEWS!!! Fantasy of Flight will be reopening as a smaller "museum" on December 5th!!! Operating hours Friday - Sunday 11am - 3pm.
10/24/2014 @ 04:30 [ref: 55672]
 Kilmarnock, Virginia

This place has closed it's doors to the public as of April 6,2014
08/30/2014 @ 08:12 [ref: 55643]
 Robert Studer
 Willoughby Hills, Ohio

I have visited twice, last year and about 2010. The admission is high(was $27), but well worth it! It's high because it is a private collection! No not all planes are flyable, (can you imagine the cost to do that!) The museum supplied two P-51D' to the 'Gathering of Mustangs and Legends' show at Rickenbacker Air Base, near Columbus, Ohio, in 2010 (I think). When I was there in 2012 Kermit gave a flying demonstration in a Feisler 'Storch', a WWII Germon observation plane. It took off in about 120 ft!! off concrete and landed in grass in about 90 ft!! His restoration crew was restoring a P-35, Seversky and then a F6F Hellcat. The museum traded a Grumman Duck (pre WWII) amphibian for the Seversky (in Latvia or Lithuania). Kermit is dedicated to expanding the museum into a family-oriented experience. They had installed a zip line ride near the parking lot. They have given water ski rides towed by a Grumman Duck in the nearby lake at the annual air festival. In the engine warehouse is a wall partially filled with Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12 engines in their original crates! They have (at least 3) British Lancaster fuselages on the property, and with the engines available in crates, they want to restore at least one. There are only 2 others flying in the world! One in England, of course, and the other in the Canadian Warplane Museum near Hamilton, Ontario. I saw the Canadian one fly at the Gathering of Eagles and Legends show in Columbus. At that show there were 3 flight lines of Mustangs, 85 of the remaining 105 (I think). Two from the Fantasy of Flight Museum (2% of the remaining P-51's from one museum!!) Too much for admission?!! I think not!!
09/18/2013 @ 05:17 [ref: 55526]
 beats by dre cheap
 asg, Massachusetts

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09/26/2012 @ 06:14 [ref: 55316]
 alkharj, Saskatchewan
09/13/2012 @ 17:27 [ref: 55287]
 Lloyd Foight
 Denville, New Jersey

Do not miss the chance to visit Fantasy of Flight. It is really very well done. Not only are the exhibits impressive, the docents are knowledgeable, the space is spic and span clean, and the airplanes are a beauty to behold. The museum experience was an unexpected plus, especially the B-17 walk through! I can't wait to go back and spend a whole day there. The experience is well worth the fairly dear price -- you will never forget it!
03/26/2010 @ 04:48 [ref: 9305]
 daleville, Alabama

Wowwwzers! this place was great. it is not just a museum but a privatly owned collection in most of which are still in flying condition. It is very well kept and usualy has flight demonstations on the weekend. It is realy realy well done and well worth the money paid to visit. It also has a nice walk through museum portion. I actualy liked this place just as much as the smithsonian. Very highly recomend going here.
03/02/2010 @ 18:38 [ref: 9277]
 Dave Oxberry
 Reading, Berkshire,, Florida

Like Mr Whitehead (see below) I'm from the U.K too and I loved this place (though I'll resist saying so four times!) It was a nice friendly place and it was a joy to listen to the 'good ol' boys' talking restoration. What a dedicated bunch of blokes. It was so interesting even my wife enjoyed it! - and we met Kermit himself! I'm sorry the chap from Tx. was disappointed. As regards admission there is (or was) a two-for-one ticket offer on the Net in '08. Hope to be revisiting in a week or so (subject to prior approval from 'u-no-hoo')
11/09/2009 @ 04:51 [ref: 9153]
 Mark Artis
 , Texas

Back to visit last week after 9 years. This time both me and my wife visited and were very impressed with the exhibits....It was great to see the Wildcat sitting there. The last time it was in pieces and the Grumman guys were working on it. This museum has come a long way since my last visit and we both will return. We also visited Kermit Week's "Fantasy of Flight" and were astounded by the price of admission and the inability to view the aircraft due to crowding and his reluctance to allow visitors to see it all. Yes, the walk thru is great and the interactive B-17 is great. We both loved it...but if anyone is reading this.....spend you money with the Valiant Air Command and get up close and personal with the aircraft. I will not go back to Kermit's place. Best wishes to all that work so hard to make the VAC Museum a success.
03/27/2008 @ 06:01 [ref: 7245]
 Paul Maxwell
 , Florida

As someome who once worked at this Museum, I can say for FACT, not all these aircraft fly. While people are led to belive that ALL are in great shape and FLY. This is however untrue Kermit will get bored with one and ground it. I have seen this happen with meny of them. He will also ask his "Spirit Guides" for addvice on the aircraft.(Forbes magazine:"Blame it on Snoopy")He is a big kid with big toys. The only airplanes he flies are a piper L-4 (Cub) and about once a month a TP-40N. The TP-40N only comes out when he is trying to impress a "big wig". So please, go have a look, it is a neat place. Just don't let yourself be fooled by all the hype!
01/29/2008 @ 07:35 [ref: 6718]

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