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Exhibits - By Primary role
Trainer - 'T' 1948-Present
 North American CT-39A (Sabreliner) Serial No: 60-3495  
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Beech C-45 (Expeditor) Serial No: N7743C  
 Boeing KC-135A (Stratotanker) Serial No: 63-8010  
 Lockheed C-140A (Jetstar) Serial No: 59-5959 
 Lockheed C-141B (Starlifter) Serial No: 65-0236  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Mark Colrud
 Little Chute, Wisconsin

I was stationed at Scott AFB in 1965 and 1966. I worked in the Control Tower. If anyone has pictures from the base during 65 or 66 I'd really appreciate copies. If anyone remembers me, please contact me. Thanks...Mark
04/27/2013 @ 05:12 [ref: 55468]
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 , Arkansas

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11/30/2012 @ 19:55 [ref: 55375]
 Mark Morgan
 Manchester, Missouri

First two aircraft are up and on display at the new Scott Heritage Airpark, front gate at BLV: C-141B 65-0236 (third aircraft into Gia Lam back in '73) and C-9A 71-0877. Both recently repainted, look great but the park is still under construction and requires a great deal of landscaping. If this initial effort is any indication, by the time they finish the display should be quite good.
10/08/2008 @ 06:18 [ref: 8456]
 Ted Cogut
 Tucson,, Arizona

Does anyone at Scott have copies of the Scott Field newspaper published in 1946? My wife and I were pictured on its fron page probably in October or November 1946. We had just got off the train at the St.Louis station and were on a park bench looking for an apartment in the want ads. A reporter from the Scott paper snapped our picture and published it on the front page with the title: "Behind the Headlines." Would sure like to have that paper or a copy of that page.
09/06/2008 @ 18:32 [ref: 8407]
 wilbur holmes
 , Missouri

Iwas at Luke afb Sep 65 to Oct 68. I have looked a patch also, never seen while I was there. I worked at Maint Trng Conrol.
01/19/2006 @ 11:15 [ref: 4722]
 clyde, Ohio

looking for anyone who sevred with my uncle Joseph paul apanites jr airman 1 st class in 1962 at scott air base in illinois. He was found december 23 1962 in the recovery room. Our family has some un ansewered questions. My dad remembers the guy who accompanied his body bake home and recalls he made a comment the door was'nt suppose to be shut. If any one who knew of him or heard of him pleases contact us. thamk you all for your service
12/06/2004 @ 01:06 [ref: 3615]
 George T. Molleur
 Bow, New Hampshire

Where can I obtain an Instuctor's Badge worn in the mid-50's at Scott AFB? It was a pair of wings with a torch and not the newer version, which is a circular badge noting "Air Training Command Instructor". I was a Ground Radio Maintenance Instructor at Scott. I'd appreciate your assistance.
03/20/2004 @ 12:01 [ref: 3021]
 , Oregon

you must see
10/15/2002 @ 12:11 [ref: 2551]
 , Oklahoma

whew its nice
10/15/2002 @ 12:10 [ref: 2550]
 William Butler
 Randolph AFB, Texas

Looking for information on instructor badges in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Also seeking photos of individuals wearing instructor badges for those periods. See links to other Air Training Command sites at the follwing:
08/09/2002 @ 13:24 [ref: 2356]

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