Beechcraft AT-11 (T-11) 'Kansan'

  Base model:AT-11
  Equivalent to: C-45 F-2 AT-7
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-1948
  Basic role:Advanced Trainer
  See Also:T-11

  Length: 34' 1" 10.3 m
  Height:9' 7" 2.9 m
  Wingspan: 49' 9" 15.1 m
  Gross Weight: 9,298 lb 4,217 kg
  Max Weight: 9,300 lb 4,217 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-985
  Horsepower (each): 450

  Range: 745 miles 1,199 km
  Cruise Speed: 150 mph 241 km/h 130 kt
  Max Speed: 215 mph 346 km/h 187 kt
  Ceiling: 20,000 ft 6,095 m


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 Robert Frutchey
 Newalla, OK
I have a picture of my dad standing next to an AT-11. From information I have been able to find was that this aircraft was stationed at Carlsbad AAF, NM. It had the numbers 127379 toward the tail and V-115 on the engine cowling.
10/01/2011 @ 20:24 [ref: 49350]
 , TX
I am currently working on detailed virtual RC model of the AT-11 for a RC Sim. known as "RealFlight"

my question is did the AT-11 have fabric covered control surfaces ? or were they sheet metal?
I will upload a screen shot of the model here when finished
thanks in advance
05/27/2011 @ 16:47 [ref: 38822]
 RJ & Judith Irvine
 Deming, NM
Living in Deming New Mexico, close the Army Air Corps Training base active during WWII we have found what appears to be some wreckage from an AT-11 on our property. An intact fuel tank and some small aluminum debris has been found so far. Does anyone have any data from such a crash in this area? The tank has the data plate still intact and serial and manufacture information so we were able to determine the aircraft it came from. Many Thanks, RJ & Judith Irvine
11/15/2010 @ 09:47 [ref: 33304]
 Tom Dougherty
 Williamsburg, VA
My uncle was a crew chief on an AT-11. Are any of these still flying and/or open to the public to fly in? Have flown several old warbirds including a P-51 and recently hopped a ride on a B-25. Would love to find an AT-11 to ride in and get some photos for my uncle.
12/10/2009 @ 16:06 [ref: 25414]
 Colorado Springs, CO
Hmmmm.....Very intresting! You say you own and operate one of these truly incredible aircraft??
10/07/2009 @ 20:21 [ref: 25156]
 Douglas Bauer
 Pahrump, NV
My father, Richard Bauer, and his business partner, Herm Barnick, operated an AT-11 as a charter aircraft at Gee Bee Aero located at the King Road Airport, San Jose, CA in the late 1950s.

They metalized the "bombadire's" nose form and installed an air-stair door. My recollection is that they also removed the aft cabin bulkhead and installed an additional seat so 10 passengers could be carried.

They sold the AT-11 along with other charter aircraft (Cessna T-50 with 300 hp Continentals and Beech Staggerwing G-model) when they got out of the flight instruction and air charter business around 1960.
08/30/2009 @ 17:00 [ref: 24356]
 J. Kettles
 , TX
The AT-11 on exhibit at the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio since 1969 was donated by Abrams Aerial Survey Corporation and interestingly enough was flown by my grandfather, Grant Kettles for over 9,000 hours in this one particular airframe. The aircraft was purchased by Ted Abrams as a surplus military aircraft and converted for high altitude mapping and photography. I recently visited the museum and it is still proudly displayed in its original military livery.
04/08/2009 @ 08:14 [ref: 24086]
 Rick Hall
 Charleston, SC
The AT-11 on static display was at Mather AFB Califonia. While stationed there from 1986-1990, I had the privilage to be one of only 3 personnel who were "assigned" to this aircraft to keep up the plane in its permanent parking spot.(see picture). Our duties twice a year were to wash and spot paint the plane, and to constantly try and keep the birds out. I also was lucky to be the one that towed it to that spot, and positioned it where it then rested till I left Mather and moved on to Charleston. Its good to know that its being taking care of still, and finally on a pedistal where it belongs.
02/03/2009 @ 06:23 [ref: 23622]
 tex lavallee
 st-chrysostome, QC
hello aviation fans,i will like to have more informations about the following ww-2 aircraft, model at-11 kansan mfd by beechcraft of usa, aircraft serial no-42-37620 other serial number-4616 was registred in canada as cf-jnw,this aircraft was own in the past by tex lavallee vintage aircraft collection,of quebec canada, anybody is welcome to send me a email to texlavallee@sympatico.ca thank for your good collaboration,tex lavallee aviation historian and collectors.
10/29/2008 @ 11:05 [ref: 22944]
 Ron Speer
 Land O Lakes, FL
Looking for anybody who might have know my father (Clifton L Speer - "Cliff"). He was flying an AT-11 on July 6th, 1943; when it crashed at Ellington Field, TX. The flight would have orginated at San Angelo, TX. He survived the crash and continued in the AAF during WW2, and AF in Korea.
My only memory of him in uniform was when he was taxing a AT-11 to field ops at an Angelo just prior to shipping out to Korea. He ended his career as a Major in the USAF Reserve. He was in Viet Nam as a civilan while I was serving there (1964-1972). Had something to do with a volunteer pilot group supporting the Laos government. Anyway, would like to known more about his WW2 and Korea service.
07/28/2008 @ 07:01 [ref: 22281]


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