Curtiss A-25A 'Shrike'

  Base model:A-25
  Equivalent to: SB2C-1
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1926-1947
  Basic role:Attack

  Length: 36' 8" 11.1 m
  Wingspan: 49' 9" 15.1 m
  Gross Weight: 15,800 lb 7,165 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright R-2600-8
  Horsepower (each): 1700

  Max Speed: 275 mph 442 km/h 238 kt

Known serial numbers
41-18774 / 41-18783, 41-18784 / 41-18823, 41-18824 / 41-18873, 42-79663 / 42-79672, 42-79673 / 42-79732 , 42-79733 / 42-79972 , 42-79933 / 42-80132 , 42-80133 / 42-80462


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After the war, the A-25 continued to be in the Navy into 1947 and naval reserve units into 1950. Some aircraft were sold to France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and even Thailand.
01/12/2011 @ 22:51 [ref: 35480]
 Paul Epperson
 St.Charles,, MO
I recently went to an auction and acquired a Load Adjuster in the case for a A-25A. The AF# is 42-79717. The number on the Adjuster itself is 42720. Are there any records of this aircraft?
09/18/2007 @ 06:49 [ref: 17950]
 John D. Voss
 , CA
A grand total of 900 A-25's were built by Curtiss at their St.Louis plant. These aircraft differed from the SB2C in that they did not have folding wings nor have arrestor gear. The Army soon lost interest in the dive bombing concept and these aircraft were declared surplus. Ten were sent to Australia (as the A69) for evaluation but they were returned after three months. 410 were transferred to the USMC as SB2C-1A (the 'A'in -1A meant former Army). The USMC used them in stateside training roles only. The demise of the remaining 490 aircraft is unclear. Some were used as target tugs, some for photo trainers, etc. Thought to have been extinct an A-25 (SB2C-1A?) has been recovered fairly intact from the bottom of Lake Washington (Seattle area) and is currently under restoration.
03/29/2006 @ 21:06 [ref: 12972]
 Aaron F. Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
Although the Helldiver had a US Army Air Forces attack degisnation,it was never used operationally by the USAAF.The greater number of A-25s were supplied to the US Marine Corps and Royal Australlian air force where they were used in the Pacific theatere.The Marine Corps used the A-25 as an operational trainer.The A-25 was used in very limited numbers in second-line duties when the Army air forces recived a few aircraft.
09/04/2004 @ 15:05 [ref: 8218]


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