Dornier DO-27

  Base model:D-27
  Basic role:Commercial Transport (Germany)

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Examples of this type may be found at
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama


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 Andreas Raguse
 , OR
I have a lot of parts for Do-27, like Props, carbs, alternators, wingparts, etc. For further questions, please contact me at araguse@gmx.de or +49-1725652533.
01/04/2015 @ 21:48 [ref: 68864]
 Dakota city, NE
I have Do-27 # 365 I need a lot of advice and wing bolts any help would be nice thanks Tim
10/26/2014 @ 14:57 [ref: 68718]
 Oliver Ossmann
 Laupheim, ON
Hans, please , for more details please contact me on
01/26/2013 @ 18:05 [ref: 67524]
 Veldhoven, OTH
We have a number of engine and airframe parts for sale for the Do 27. 6 loose cylinders, cockpit instruments, etc. No docs.
In stock from an Do 27 owner who passed away.
Pictures are available if required.
Make an offer, and this may be all yours.


01/21/2013 @ 23:26 [ref: 67515]
 Oliver Ossmann
 , OTH
Looking for Lycoming GO 480 B1A6 or G1A6 engine and/or parts.
Also Prop HC 82 V20 1B is needed.

12/10/2011 @ 06:43 [ref: 51069]
 Andrew Burns
 quinlan, TX
I have 2 gso-480-b1a6 engines for sale, that come complete with harness, engine mount, all accessories, including mags, carbs, superchargers, all the way to the front of the spinners. Props also. I am asking $7500 each or will take $13000 for both. I can be contacted by email at andyburns46@gmail.com thanks
12/23/2010 @ 10:32 [ref: 34868]
 Seville, AL
Selling Dornier27 (CASA127) Parts: wings, engines, carburators,props, etc and ME200 JET HA200 two full planes and 5 extra MARBORE IV engines and lot of Parts
03/19/2009 @ 11:43 [ref: 23978]
 , BC
I am looking for a basket case DO-28 that I can restore. anyone know of any?
01/25/2008 @ 16:28 [ref: 19430]
 Luc JR Martini
 Carnation, WA
Hello everyone. Thank you for your entries on the Do27.
If anyone wishes to contact me, please do so at my e-mail address: MARTINIL@COMCAST.NET
I think I can help everyone with most of your needs if given a bit of time.
Mr. Lahav, I am indeed very interested in the IFF box with 2 connectors and hope to hear from you soon.
If anyone attended Oshkosh EAA Airventure 2007, I hope you had a chance to see IAF Dror 061 / Do27-B5 CN 391 before we had to make an early departure due to increasingly bad weather to the West.
The Dror refurbishment is nearly complete. The major item still to be done is the installation of the ARC-181 Sharkfin VHF antenna,finishing the Aft Cabin restoration, and getting the APX72 IFF to work properly.
Luc Martini
08/20/2007 @ 22:56 [ref: 17697]
 Lahav Gan
 Haifa, IA
Hi Luc,

I was trying to contact you with out any sucess for the last few days I think I have found you the IFF box with two connectors please let me know if you still need it
Best regards,
06/05/2007 @ 10:12 [ref: 16746]


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