Douglas A-26B (B-26B) 'Invader'


  Base model:A-26
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1926-1947
  Basic role:Attack
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Known serial numbers
41-17544 / 41-17624, 41-17625, 41-17626 / 41-17644, 41-17645 / 41-17851, 41-17852 / 41-17946, 41-17947 / 41-17973 , 41-17974 / 41-18184 , 41-18185 / 41-18334 , 41-31573 / 41-31672 , 41-31673 / 41-31772 , 41-31773 / 41-31872 , 41-31873 / 41-31972 , 41-31973 / 41-32072 , 42-43260 / 42-43459 , 42-95629 / 42-95828 , 42-95829 / 42-96028 , 42-96029 / 42-96228

Examples of this type may be found at
National Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDist of Col
National Warplane MuseumGeneseoNew York

B-26B on display

National Warplane Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Walter L. Brooks
 Pensacola, FL
I was a crew chief no a B26 flying with the 5th Tow Target Squadron Nebiberg AFB Germany 1955-1958 A/C 571 and 305,what a wonderful machine these two A/C was my joy was during check out in the mornings running those two twin R-2800's what a great sound for great a airplane.

Thanks to the builders
03/20/2011 @ 18:06 [ref: 36954]
 Tom Clark
 Fayetteville, AR
I served my Korea time (1952) bombing up the Invaders of the 452nd at K-9 outside of Pusan. My hats off to the pilots of this great plane that paid a key role in the Korean operations.
P.S. It could a very hairy landing approach at K-9 when fog built up on Pusan bay.
Tom Clark
06/30/2010 @ 10:37 [ref: 26747]
 Johnny Signor
 , FL
The aircraft in top right photo of this A/B-26 Invader page is a Martin B-26 Marauder not a Invader,I hope someone at the site will correct this.
11/03/2008 @ 16:32 [ref: 22976]
 Ted Brown
 pueblo west, CO
To: R Kurt Menning,

I read your entry and was interested in any information or memories you may have about Korea. My uncle was 1st Lt Harold W. Downes who flew the B-26 Invader sn 44-34600 and has been MIA since Jan 13,1952. Supposedly downed around the ANJU area of North Korea.
12/20/2007 @ 18:22 [ref: 18990]
 , AZ
i was stationed in VU-5 (Utility Squadron 5) at Atsugi Japan from 1956-1958. We had JD-1's, a navy version of the A-26. It was used to tow targets. Painted with LARGE yellow stripes to help the "shooters" see us. I remember it glided like a rock on one engine!! We would sometimes go up in one to get extra flight time. Bob KNOTTS, PHCM, USN RET.
11/11/2007 @ 19:19 [ref: 18506]
 Ron Stout
 Santa Rosa, CA
R. P. Ezall Have you tried the 409th's web site? Our plane (41-39303) was with them form Oct. 44 until the end of the war and it's an excellant resourse. Here is the link - http://www.web-birds.com/9th/409/409th.html We are painting ours as 44-34324 which was called "City of Santa Rosa" in Korea when it flew with the 452nd Bomb Wing and they also have a great site at www.452ndbombwing.org
Ron Stout
05/24/2007 @ 08:05 [ref: 16588]
 , AL
I am in the process of researching a pilot who flew & A-26B in WWII. I am trying to find the serial #s of two of the planes he flew. He was in the 9th AAF, 409th BG. 640th BS. This group did not recieve these aircraft until Nov44.I have part of a #of one aircraft. It is the last two digits 78. The aircrafts names were 8-ball & Tips Tempests. If anyone can put me on the right path I would be very greatful.

R.P. Ezell
01/23/2007 @ 12:24 [ref: 15264]
 Jim Scroggins
 North Las Vegas, NV
My son and I are looking for a A-26 builder, if any one knows of one available please email me. We have an Stinson V-77 (1943) that is a builder for a possible part trade, also have two CV-880's and a nose section of an 880 all with 98% of instrumentation. Also have a KC-97 cockpit section back to the wing roots and cut below the floor that has all the glass, inst. panels and seats and also the cargo door on the side. These all are available.
Thanks Jim
01/11/2007 @ 20:25 [ref: 15161]
 Bridgeport, CT
I recently found logbooks that belonged to my grandfather. One of the listings is an A-26 listed as NL65779 (dates: April/May of 1948). Does anyone know how I go about finding older databases to locate the aircraft? E-mail: treetopflier@sbcglobal.net
05/23/2006 @ 05:24 [ref: 13353]
 David Baker
 Sacramento, CA
The B-26 flown at the Edwards AFB Flight Test Center was actually an experimental aircraft with computer controlled flight surfaces. The USAF Test Pilot School where I worked used the plane to train flight engineers in various test functions. We called it "The Flying Classroom". The pilot of that plane told me he could program the flight controls to simulate any aircraft. The B-26 crashed shortly after I was transfered to Guam. They also lost the B-1A, and one of the better test pilots along with it: Mr. Benefield.
04/03/2006 @ 01:10 [ref: 13014]


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