Douglas R5D-3 (C-54Q) 'Skymaster'


  Base model:R5D
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1931-1962
  Basic role:Transport
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 Roger Wyckoff
 , PA
Glad to see a photo of 39119 posted. I took my first flight as a radio operator on 39119 at El Toro when it was with VMR-352.
08/21/2007 @ 15:02 [ref: 17712]
 Joe Hawkins
 , WA
Sad news, Admiral Byrd’s Aircraft To Be Scrapped

From the EAA

November 28, 2005
A Douglas R5D-3/C-54Q (#56528) reportedly used by Admiral Richard E. Byrd during his “Operation Deep Freeze” Antarctic expedition, is scheduled for scrapping by the end of 2005. The U.S. Navy squadron VX-6 operated this unique aircraft during a series of mapping missions in the Antarctic. It was equipped with long-range fuel tanks, four gas fired heaters, provisions for a mapping camera, and hard points for JATO pods. The aircraft is currently located at Memorial Airfield, south of Phoenix, Arizona.


06/17/2006 @ 21:03 [ref: 13538]
 Capt. Al Raithel, USN )Ret)
 Fairfax, VA
Joe Hawkins informatiion is good, however, both aircraft were assigned to VX-6 in 1955. Initial fly-in to McMurdo Sound, Antarctica was in December 1955. Both aircraft flew far ranging exploratory flights over the South Polar Plateau,including over the South Geographic Pole during January 1956. Both aircraft were equipped with dual inertial navigation systems for polar navigation.
Capt. Al Raithel, USN (Ret) ex VX-6
10/23/2005 @ 18:23 [ref: 11548]
 Joe Hawkins
 , CA

VX-6 operated two R5D's in the late 50's early 60's as transport and photographic aircraft in Antarctica.

BUNO 56528 R5D-3 "Admiral's Plane"
(USAAF s/n 42-72749 C-54D-15-DC)
Thise aircraft was involved with Deep Freeze / VX-6 in Oct 1958 and was the first aircraft to land at McMurdo Sound during the IGY

BUNO 56505 R5D-3 Name: "Have Gum, Will Travel"
(USAAF s/n 42-72560 C-54D-5-DC)
Was involved with Deep Freeze / VX-6 in October 1958-Feb 64
Sold to Travis Air Museum Dec 1989, On display at Travis AFB, Cal

06/10/2000 @ 12:22 [ref: 296]


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