Grumman E-2B 'Hawkeye'

Notes: Early warning, command, control aircraft. CARRIER-BASED for task force support (5 CREW) .
  Base model:E-2
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Electronics
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  Length: 56' 4' 17.0 m
  Height:16' 5" 5.0 m
  Wingspan: 80' 7" 24.5 m
  Wingarea: 700.0 sq ft 65.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 31,154 lb 14,128 kg
  Gross Weight: 54,829 lb 24,866 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Allison T56-A-8
  Horsepower (each): 4050

  Range: 1,650 miles 2,657 km
  Cruise Speed: 297 mph 478 km/h 258 kt
  Max Speed: 368 mph 592 km/h 320 kt
  Climb: 2,330 ft/min 710 m/min
  Ceiling: 28,800 ft 8,777 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Victory MuseumMedfordNew Jersey
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida
Patuxent River Naval Air MuseumPatuxent RiverMaryland

E-2B on display

Air Victory Museum

National Museum of Naval Aviation

Naval Air Warfare Center

Patuxent River Naval Air Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Joseph Ortiz
 Cleveland, TX
Was the Plane Capt. for the 013 at NAS Mairmar 1979-81 as a SAR. went to Iceland with he too. Very Good ship to work Great Skipper to work for as well.
05/27/2013 @ 09:08 [ref: 67840]
 M. E. Wurmser
 Tampa, FL
Served with RVAW-110 '77-'81 plane captain, then onto VAW-88 for active reserve duty for a year or so. I still don't know how I avoided the hangar, but wouldn't trade the flight line for anything. Went on sevral det to El Centro and also aboard the Ranger, Kitty Hawk and the Coral Sea. Met many great people while there and am still in touch with several of them some 30 odd years later. The party continues
06/20/2010 @ 15:39 [ref: 26614]
 William Carley AMS-2 RET.
 tucson, AZ
The E-2Bwas the first Aircraft that I worked on when I first came into the Navy.
I was stationed at NAS North Island, attached to Vaw-112.
I was part of the the USS Ranger's Air Wing.
Looking at these pictures bring back a lot of good memories
and good times.
I was a Plane Captain on the E-2B and enjoyed my time on this old bird, before moving on to the E-2C/E-2C+.
After leaving VAW-112 I stayed in the E-2 community,servicing
with,RVAW-110,VAW-114,VAW-88,before moving on to the F-14,were
I served with VF-302 until I retired, in 1994, serving 20 years. I enjoyed many good times,and made a lot of friends.
Wish I could do it all over again.

V/R AMS-2William Carley

04/17/2010 @ 18:58 [ref: 26029]
 Patrick M. O\'Connor
 west caldwell, NJ
I served with VAW 124 on its 'around the world' cruise in 1970 with a stop at 'Yankee Station'. I was an AirCrew and manned the third scope. During this time we were changing from the E-2A to the E-2B and had Grumman civilians with us on the cruise.

We had to take civilian clothes with us to go on Liberty because of the ridicule the armed forces were taking at that time. There was no parade when we returned.
12/31/2009 @ 05:07 [ref: 25495]
 Mike Skelly
 St. Augustine, FL
Liberty Bells...

my email address is mskelly1960@gmail.com

Kris, PJ, Tripp... drop me a line!
06/28/2008 @ 09:14 [ref: 21712]
 Mike Skelly
 St. Augustine, FL
Liberty Bells UNITE! We were the last of the E-2B on USS Midway. Some great times, better people!
KRIS!! How the hell are ya?
06/10/2008 @ 09:31 [ref: 21292]
 Kris McDowall
 Jacksonville, FL
I served in VAW-115 as an IFT along with PJ Malley, Mike Skelly and Dave Trip. Had many flights with PJ and Mike Skelly and I transferred to the Liberty Bells together as AIC qualified In Flight Technicians. We had a blast flying and partying in those days. That was a great aircraft, the Midway was a great carrier and we had some high quality personnel in that command. Mikey, you were a great tech and we sure racked up some hours and traps in those days. Remember the flight from Cubi back to Atsugi and manning the p-tubes while crossing over in front of the XO?
05/09/2008 @ 20:16 [ref: 20844]
 SÚrgio Ricardo
 Aracaju, OTH
Hello everyone! I am an aviation researcher from Brazil with some articles published (you can see one of them here:http://www.laahs.com/artman/publish/article_220.shtml)and currently I am working on a book about all AEW/AWACS platforms ever built. This way, I would like to obtain from those who had closed contact with Grumman E-2B any information about its electronic suite. Not performance data, designations would be enough. I will be very pleased to give full credits for any colaboration which should be sent to the following email address: sergioricardosc277@hotmail.com THANKS IN ADVANCE!
(the text above IS NOT A SPAM, I have sent it to the E-2A section)
04/24/2008 @ 09:23 [ref: 20703]
 James Gist
 Columbus, OH
I was Flight Tech with VAW-124 from 1973 - 1974 onboard the USS America. What a great time I had during that stint. I will never forget all those flights, and the work in the shop after the flights. We had a great group working together to keep her airbourne.
01/17/2008 @ 10:47 [ref: 19332]
 patrick mally
 Kadena Japan, CA
I flew with the liberty bells from feb 83 thru summer of 85. Mike Skelly and I flew many times together I beleve first at the RAG. IF any one want to contact me please do.
pj mally
01/09/2008 @ 23:30 [ref: 19207]


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