Heath Super Parasol

  Base model:Parasol
  Designation:Super Parasol
  Basic role:Homebuilt

Not Yet Available

Examples of this type may be found at
Virgina Aviation MuseumSandstonVirginia

Super Parasol on display

Virgina Aviation Museum


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12/21/2011 @ 19:07 [ref: 51243]
 Bob Black
 White Bird, ID
I have a wooden prop with the sticker "Heath Airplane Company - Chicago, Ill." with an inverted green triangle design in the background. It is on the left side facing the 6" wide hub. The hub has a rather large notch in the back and a small hole thru the prop. It is pitched to turn clockwise facing it, opposite modern props and is approx. 6' in length overall. The paddles are wide and a bit swept-back with rather wide rounded tips.

I'm sure it is origional and obviously hand carved. I have saved it and used it as a "Wallhanger" since I found it in an old fallen down shed in the 50's. It's in great shape and I'm wondering what it might be worth to a collector. Any information would be appreciated. Thank U.
10/18/2007 @ 16:12 [ref: 18231]
 F. Lange
I am also looking for a set of good copies of plans for Super Parsol, Parasol V or LNB-4. I am willing to pay for this plans.
08/12/2007 @ 06:39 [ref: 17571]
 F. Lange
I am also looking for a set of good copies of plans for Super Parsol, Parasol V or LNB-4. I am willing to pay for this plans.
08/12/2007 @ 06:39 [ref: 17570]
 F. Lange
I am also looking for a set of good copies of plans for Super Parsol, Parasol V or LNB-4. I am willing to pay for this plans.
08/12/2007 @ 06:39 [ref: 17569]
 Mal McKenzie
 Brisbane, QC
Graham Lee of Circa Reproductions did a set of basic drawings and instructions of the Heath Parasol in aluminium tube. Information can be described as educational due to its basic standard. Value for money is debatable as no prototype was constructed. Cost is $99.00 US. Contact Mike Lee at Circa for more information.
A dedicated builder could build a satifactory Super Parasol replica from this information coupled with the 1929 Glider Manual Heath instructions.
If it is possible I would be trying to find an original ( printed in 1929 ) copy of the 1929 Glider Manual as I suspect a lot of the drawings were deleted in the reprinted versions.Years back I was lent two of the original series that had more info than the reprinted copies I have also seen.
In comparision with the later Heath Parasols and their clones the tail sections look a bit lacking in area in the early versions. Ed Heath could obviously fly them ok like that.
It is also a project I would like to build as a modern replica.
04/17/2007 @ 01:55 [ref: 16203]
 Philip Miller
 Los Angeles, CA
I am looking for blueprints of the original Heath Super Parasol. They can be copies, but would need to be good ones. I have the 1929 Flying and Glider Manual, which has drawings and instructions, but there is much reference to the blueprints, many of which are not in the magazine. I'm not collecting plans. I would like to build a replica, but using modern materials - chromoly steel, polyfiber covering, epoxy (!), and a half VW that a 1929 builder would have paid a mint for. Any help in obtaining or locating would be much appreciated.
04/27/2005 @ 12:54 [ref: 10051]


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