Lockheed F-22A 'Raptor'

Notes: Air superiority fighter with stealth technologies, superb agility, twin THRUST-VECTORING, afterburning engines, long range, integrated avionics, enhanced reliability and maintainability and supercrui
  Base model:F-22
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
91-4001 / 91-4009


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 , MT
the f-22 is a turkey.

04/11/2008 @ 09:02 [ref: 20473]
 Micheal Harris
 Shreveport, LA
If you think 11 Mig - 29's can take on 1 F-22A Raptor, you have another thing coming. Not only can a Mig-29 not see it, but the Mig-29 is OVERRATED. The Raptor can hold 14 MR Abrams and 2 sidewinders. What do you think will happen if a F-22A Raptor came across 11 Mig-29's. Total domination.
08/29/2006 @ 16:40 [ref: 14026]
 Moscow, UT
F-22 good craft!

I think if your pay mo then 2 price for MiG-29 they cant prodused It. Produsing 11 Mig is mystical.

08/09/2006 @ 21:34 [ref: 13839]
 (Unkown), CO
The world is going to end because of these wars.
02/09/2006 @ 14:02 [ref: 12449]
 , CA
WANTED----Hi I worked on the YF-22, this is the project I worked on with my Uncle, he has passed away and this is one of the main reasons I am on this quest...

I had a Lucite, paperweight thing with a chip or scrap from the milling of the first part of the first YF-22, well about 6 mos ago I went to visit a friend at Hawthorne Northrop Grumman plant and left it for 2 mins and came back and someone had stole it!

If you know anyone who minght have one to buy, sell, trade please let me know! thanks

I collect these from other aircraft as well, and might be interested, but the YF-22 really holds the place in my history as my Uncle and I only had one project where we worked on the same one...thanks!

01/16/2006 @ 20:24 [ref: 12172]
 Canton, GA
I work on the F-22A Raptor as an Avionics Tech on the flight line and today it is an official global attack aircraft. 27th fighter squadron is now fully operational and this is and will be the unstoppable jet as long as pilots and S/W do cause it to go under. You have no ideas on what this jet can do and will never know what this bad boy can do. The rest of the fighters in the world will be looking over their shoulder from this day forward wonder when and where it will come and will NEVER know where it was. F-15 Strike Eagles the #1 US fighter right now is no match and was totally over powered by the F-22A Raptor and the SU-37 maybe alot faster and more menuverable, but if it cant see it or cant shoot it.
12/15/2005 @ 19:33 [ref: 11994]
 just me
 , IN
Still a Raptor

SAN ANTONIO (AFPN) -- The Air Force has changed the designation of the F/A-22 to the F-22A Raptor. The service designated it "F/A" three years ago to stress the stealth fighter's ability to provide close-air support and drop bombs. The "A" will now designate the variant of the aircraft. The fighter from the 27th Fighter Squadron (above) went to Hill Air Force Base, Utah, this year for live weapons training. The Raptor is scheduled to become operational this month with the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, Va. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Rogers

12/14/2005 @ 20:45 [ref: 11983]
 , FL
Yo no ustedes pero cada decada que pasa los Estados Unidos en vez de crear aviones para la guerra lo que crean es aviones para el History Channel,no ofensa el Raptor solo es show el SU se lo comio 10 veces.
11/29/2005 @ 21:32 [ref: 11838]
 Edwards AFB, CA
Mig-29s, notice PLURAL,”GAME ON!!”

F/A-22, notice singular,”Defense Department regrets to inform you that your sons/daughters are DEAD because they were stupid enough to take on an F/A-22!!! G.A.M.E…O.V.E.R!!!!!!"
11/16/2005 @ 16:09 [ref: 11709]
 Edwards AFB, CA
OH YEAH, once a fighter can prove it can bomb effectively, it becomes a multi-roll aircraft, IE F-111, F-15, F-16, F-14, F-4, etc. The F/A-22 has been dropping bombs for quite some time now, EFFECTIVELY.
11/16/2005 @ 15:59 [ref: 11707]


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