Lockheed F-22B 'Rapier'

Notes: Two seat version of F-22A.
  Base model:F-22
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter





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 , AL
If you go to the game website for acecombat5 (just google it) you should be able to find a link to show the different aircraft in the game, one of which is and F-22B.
03/08/2006 @ 05:34 [ref: 12729]
 , CA
WANTED----Hi I worked on the YF-22, this is the project I worked on with my Uncle, he has passed away and this is one of the main reasons I am on this quest...

I had a Lucite, paperweight thing with a chip or scrap from the milling of the first part of the first YF-22, well about 6 mos ago I went to visit a friend at Hawthorne Northrop Grumman plant and left it for 2 mins and came back and someone had stole it!

If you know anyone who might have one to buy, sell, trade please let me know! Thanks

I collect these from other aircraft as well, and might be interested, but the YF-22 really holds the place in my history as my Uncle and I only had one project where we worked on the same one...thanks!
01/16/2006 @ 20:30 [ref: 12173]
 Canton, GA
F-22B is still aproject in the workings and has no known date of being created and start of prototype. There is no photo's except artist drawings like the one below of a F-22A. Currently tests on possible wings (Delta type) are going through stress tests. Another version an X-44 Manta a space cruiser is also being mentioned, but nothing being developed. F-22B shouldnt start to an assembly line until 2008-2009 time frame.
12/15/2005 @ 19:45 [ref: 11995]
 lorain, OH
Anyone have a link to pics of this f-22b? TIA
11/27/2005 @ 18:11 [ref: 11814]
 , CA
This is a piture of an F/A-22A aircraft #9012, LtC Rose has been the commander of the 31TES at Edwards AFB, CA for almost a year now.
06/22/2005 @ 13:46 [ref: 10545]
 Stephen Heckler
 Lake Ariel, PA
The FB-22, the varient of the raptor is to be launched in 2006. It will carry a load of 24 Small diameter GPS guided bombs and two Aim 120 medium range missles for self deffence.
06/27/2002 @ 12:05 [ref: 5196]
 , ON
lockheed's f-22 isn't the best in the industry
10/28/2001 @ 20:15 [ref: 3511]
 Jason Green
 , CA
I think the F-22 is the best fighter known!
10/19/2001 @ 22:06 [ref: 3434]
 -----------------------------------, DC
I think the F22 is the best fighter. It is supersonic, stleath and can carry a hevy load.
08/09/2001 @ 09:29 [ref: 2878]
 nanjing, AR
05/14/2001 @ 23:15 [ref: 2278]


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