Lockheed YF-22A

Notes: Prototype SINGLE-SEAT, twin engine, supersonic air superiority fighter.
  Base model:F-22
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
87-0700 / 87-0701

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

YF-22A on display

United States Air Force Museum


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 , CA
Interesting how the Yf-22 / F-22 now looks much like the Northrp YF-23.... twin engines inlet ducts and all.
12/22/2008 @ 11:43 [ref: 23306]
 F Sample
 Alexandria, VA
I recently saw a brief demo of the F-22 at Andrews AFB in Landover, Md. Most of the manouvres were unremarkable. Loops and snap rolls and some hard turns- Most other fighters would have little difficulty duplicating them. There was one feat that really impressed me. A 40Knot pass at alt. 200ft. The thing was nose-high at what looked like greater than 60deg from horizontal- all totally in control. One of the Blue Angels did something similar, but at a greater forward speed.

I was expecting so much more from the hype of the vectored thrust that this machine possesses. Perhaps USAF brass decided that a little discretion would be wiser than demonstrating actual capability to joe public.
06/30/2008 @ 15:31 [ref: 21729]
 , FL
Guy from England please don't post on this site.You are not from this Country noir welcome so you have no right.I find English people rude and vulgar against Americans.
03/09/2008 @ 08:31 [ref: 19935]
 daleville, AL
what proof do you have that the f-22 isnt agile I disagree with you in that matter
02/24/2007 @ 21:31 [ref: 15661]
 , AK
This is the coolest thing ever. The F-22 will win more air battels then the mig just like one of its purposes.
12/05/2006 @ 18:57 [ref: 14924]
 , OH

The F-22 is the most advanced known fighter serving in the world today without question. The United States Air Force is without peer save for our friends in Israel who are proven combat flyers. Our Forces have shown the significant advantage of our aircraft compared to any others including the aircraft our friends above were talking about...the 47 included. So the 47 handles well...how well would it perform in combat against an aircraft it wouldnt able to detect? All of the combat maneuvers or capabilities that were discussed prior are capable in the F-22. Supercruise comes standard! The 47 is an outstanding aircraft...but better than the F-22...NOT HARDLY!!!! You cant hit what you cant see and the last sound that many a hapless potential future opponent will hear after a Raptor has slipped behind them undetected is the missle warning alert going off inside their cockpit a few seconds before splash another Mig goes down to an American fighter pilot!!!! Go Air Force!!!!
09/01/2006 @ 20:15 [ref: 14048]
 , WY
F-22 is the plane that can\\\'t do the job alone. It is stealth, no dought, but the centrepiece of the action is that it needs an AWACS, otherwise it will be a dull compared to the Su-35/37 and the Berkut Su-47. It\\\'s drawback is the speed , maneveaur capability and the radar range and the air -to-air range compared to the Su-35/37. Airshows across the world has just prooved the Su\\\'s r far far agile and can take excellent sharp turns making it an excellent close knife fight combact plane. If today an US Air Force plane shoots down an Russian Mig/ or Mirage of a dogmatic 3rd world countries Air Force, much funfare is arosed that US Air planes have an edge, as we have seen in the Iraqi Air war/ or an Israli war. But I firmly believe that the real 'Superioty' is yet to be measured. Inder Migs have shown that against the US's supplied Paki's F series.
09/01/2006 @ 01:52 [ref: 14041]
 stephen l. szabo
 copperas cove, TX
I am not a f-22 hater, but has anybody ever been around all these aircraft to know what they can do, you only know what you read or heard from a person who said what it can do, oh yea and that test you said on the 4 F-15s.... they use jets with the P.W.-F-100 engines and were down rated to below 70%... the only thing the f-22 has on the Eagle is stealth.....WHO CARES.. the I have been on the F-15 for over 15 years and been on most of the variants F-15A-E models. and even some on the STOL... with conards alone the EAGLE will out fly anything..... so you can say all you want about the SU27 or the MIG 29.. even the F-22 the Eagle is a better aircraft .WHY you ask...Because it has been proven in the air 101 to 0 air kills... the should have refitted the eagle and bought the F-23 Mcdonnell Dougles make better fighters... F-4, F-15,F-18....even the C-17
06/11/2006 @ 11:05 [ref: 13496]
 , OR
SU 47 can actualy reach mach 2.5 not 1.6 and this is with weaker mig engines that will be upgraded and how come every American thinks there better than every one else in everything. And as for the SU 47 how come every American says it is better than SU 47 when they dont have the slitest clue about its performans, avianics or stealth capabilities. I heard people say that plasma doesn't work, what do you know your no body,I have a friend that has served in the Russian air force at a secret air base something like area 51 and some of the thinks that he talked about come strait out of science fiction but they have hade this technology for a long time and will use it on the redesigned SU 47 whitch will serpace F22. the only think that makes Raptor so good is its stealth its not perticulerly fast its not mouverible and its very fragile, the su 47 will be able to do every thing that su 37 can do and more incuding at dead stop in mid air cobra and more on top of that it will be more stealth than F22 and it will have the most sofisticated avionics in the world, extremly powerful 360 dagree radar and super cruis and thats just what we know now.
05/19/2006 @ 16:23 [ref: 13330]
 , NY
im just wondering why on earth someone would compare mig 29(like 1/8 of the price of 22) with the raptor. Come on people mig 29 is the f-16/ f/a 18 class. And acoording to germans which have these mig 29s in their airforce f/a 18s are actually better in performance but everything depends on the pilot!!!
Second Su 37 and Su 47 (they are fighters/INTERCEPTORS they dont need to fly too far from home even though name states that they are m/role fighters)(on the other hand f22a is F/a so do the math) were designed to work with S200 s300 and s400 which could detect stealth technology easily by any standards. the f22a won against 4 f15th only because they didnt see him. Take away this advantage and 1 f15 will have relatively same chances and again everything will depend on the pilot. One more thing dont forget that the russians and americans design their fighters according to their environments. Stealth technology will never work in the russian winters so russians just have no need to develop it.
And finnaly 4th you guys forgot one thing that u didnt mention the best fighter in the world s30mki :)))

03/15/2006 @ 17:18 [ref: 12810]


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