Martin PBM-1 'Mariner'


Control Panel
  Base model:PBM
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1962
  Basic role:Patrol Bomber

  Length: 77' 2" 23.5 m
  Height:21' 2" 6.4 m
  Wingspan: 118' 0" 35.9 m
  Gross Weight: 41,139 lb 18,657 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Wright R-2600-6
  Horsepower (each): 1200

  Max Speed: 197 mph 317 km/h 171 kt
  Ceiling: 22,400 ft 6,827 m

Known serial numbers
1246, 1248 / 1266


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 Bruce Barth
 , TX
Martin seaplane historian/author seeking original photos, manuals, documentation or other factory information on the PBM-1. If you have something you feel may be of interest please contact Bruce Barth at bbarth1@austin.rr.com
02/17/2008 @ 06:07 [ref: 19696]
 Janet Miller
 , MD
I have a drawing of a PBM-1 Patrol Bomber by an artist named Murray with the notation at the bottom: Craft Art Company No.112. My neighbor worked at Martin's.
12/22/2007 @ 16:11 [ref: 19016]
 Sydney, NSW, OTH
None of these photos are PBM-1s. Does anyone have a photo of an actual PBM-1? Only 20 were produced, so it's probably a longshot.
PBM-1s do not have landing gear or the AN/APS-15 Radome.
I believe they also do not have V struts for the wing pontoons...
09/01/2007 @ 14:46 [ref: 17809]
 Stephanie Wainer
 Clemmons, NC
My grandfather's Flight Logs show him being on a number of PBM-1 flights. If serial numbers are the same as machine numbers, he has listed a number that are not listed here. If anyone is interested in the information, please feel free to contact me.
12/27/2004 @ 22:31 [ref: 8992]
 CDR John Bradford, USN(ret)
 , CO
The PBM sighted by the Kwajalein diver was one I flew a bit in the mid-50s. On a flight to Ponape Island it experienced a hard water landing which damaged the right rudder and engine mounts. Emergency repairs were done there and the bird was flown back to Kwajalein where it was determined that the main wing spar had been cracked. The plane was stricken and disposed-=of in the lagoon. Our second PBM-5A hit a coral head at the island of Kusai and sunk there.
11/18/2004 @ 18:15 [ref: 8652]
 Bill McClendon
 Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, OTH
I'm a diver in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Yesterday, a dive buddy and myself dived to see a PBM at the bottom of the Kwajalein Lagoon. It rests at about 150 feet under the water. It looks like it is in great shape. Unknown why it is here. Could have been shot down or dumped after the war.
04/16/2001 @ 16:36 [ref: 2094]


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