Martin PBM-3R 'Mariner'

  Base model:PBM
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1962
  Basic role:Patrol Bomber
  Modified Mission:Transport

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 Donald Rutz
 Erie, PA
I was assigned to Squadron VR-8, NAS Patuxent River,Md. in
November of 1943. We flew PBM 3R's extensively in the North and South Atlantic. We were courier/transport and training squadroncovering the area from Bermuda Island, south to NAS Natal, Brazil. We made layover stops at San Juan, NAS Trinidad, Cayenne in French Guiana, Georgetown in British Guiana and Belem in Northeast Brazil and then on to Natal. The "Mariner" was a good reliable aircraft and occupies a dear spot in my memory. The crews of these planes were superb and are remembered well. In South America, they had no facilities for our personnel so we stayed at Pan American Staff Houses and ate at their restaurants. This was "Really Magnificient Duty".
Many of our pilots were former Pan-American Officers. One of our best pilots was Lt. Cmdr. H.J. (Joe) Heinz from Pittsburgh. Also Cmdr. John Lissol was Operations Officer.
Lt. Scott Fitzgerald landed one of our planes (Flying Boat)
at Dry Lake Utah....no water within a hundred miles; He did it and they were able to affix landing gear to the plane and take off, after minor repairs. THAT takes a
helluva good airplane and a magician at the controls.
01/27/2007 @ 13:01 [ref: 15320]


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