North American B-25D 'Mitchell'

  Manufacturer:North American

  Base model:B-25
  Equivalent to: PBJ-1D PBJ1DPBJ-1D
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Crew:Pilot and 4 Crew
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  Length: 52' 11" 16.1 m
  Height:16' 4" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 67' 7' 20.4 m
  Wingarea: 610.0 sq ft 56.6 sq m
  Empty Weight: 19,480 lb 8,834 kg
  Gross Weight: 34,999 lb 15,873 kg
  Max Weight: 35,000 lb 15,873 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Wright R-2600-13
  Horsepower (each): 1700

  Range: 1,350 miles 2,173 km
  Max Speed: 272 mph 438 km/h 236 kt
  Ceiling: 24,200 ft 7,375 m

Known serial numbers
41-29648 / 41-29847, 41-29848 / 41-29947, 41-29948 / 41-30172, 41-30173 / 41-30352, 41-30353 / 41-30532 , 41-30533 / 41-30847 , 42-87113 / 42-87137 , 42-87138 / 42-87452 , 42-87453 / 42-87612 , 43-3280 / 43-3619 , 43-3620 / 43-3869

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio
United States Marine Corps Air/Ground MuseumQuanticoVirginia
Yankee Air MuseumBellevilleMichigan

B-25D on display

United States Marine Corps Air/Ground Museum


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 Aaron Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
The last B-25D was accepted in March 1944, by which time B-25J production had already begun.
06/16/2010 @ 08:33 [ref: 26598]
 Jack Parker
 , MA
For Doug Smith.

The Collins Foundation "Wings of Freedom" tour sells rides on their B25, B24 and B17 - they also offer flight training in a P51. Expensive, but it's a worthy cause. See http://www.collingsfoundation.org/cf_schedule-wof.htm for their schedule.
02/01/2009 @ 09:05 [ref: 23601]
 Napoli 80129, OTH
Dear Sir, I am graduated in Geological Sciences and an aerospace Journalist( and modeller) too. My main job is to teach Earth\\\\\\\'s Science in a H.S. located on the slopes of Vesuvius,quite near the old Pompeii aerodrome where in March 1944, 88 B-25 was destroyed by the falling pyroclastic flow of the Vesuvius eruption. I have some pictures of the event . I wish to built a model of the sharkmouted B25D WHO CARES ( the first of three B25 - but two was \\\\\\\"J\\\\\\\" and operated from Corsica. I have the serial number of the two \\\\\\\"J\\\\\\\"
43-28080 6E
44-29090 6E
so I am missing of the serial of the first, that was the only to show the name \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" WHO CARES\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" . I have a close up picture showing the nose art. Any help is welcome : I wish to make a model real and not of fantasy!Thank you a lot for your consideration. Carlo, from Napoli, Italy
03/01/2008 @ 10:21 [ref: 19833]
 Meinert Maximilien
 Fougerolles, OTH
Bonjour, nous sommes français, nous excuser pour notre anglais. We are of big fan of b-25 mitchell and they would like to know if it etait possible to buy one of these planes to repair it and so make it steal. Nous sommes de grand fan de b - 25 mitchell et ils aimeraient savoir si il etait possible d'acheter un de ces avions de le réparer et ainsi de le rendre voler. it is children's dream which could finally come true.If you have the slightest information on this subject, we would be you liking to announce it us. C'est le rêve de l'enfant qui pourrait finalement venir true.If vous avez la moindre information à ce sujet, nous aimerions vous plaît d'annoncer qu'elle nous. It is more than year since we search, but we have wipe 2 refuts, them prefers scrapping the plane rather than to sell it to us.The state matters not much, we have a mechanic in our service. Il est plus que an que nous recherchons, mais nous avons essuyer 2 refuts, leur préfère la démolition de l'avion plutôt que de la vendre à us.The état pas beaucoup de questions, nous avons un mécanicien dans notre service. And if you had detailed plans, they also take. Et si vous aviez des plans détaillés, mais aussi prendre. Thank you in advance for your help, they would really be proud to do again steal one of its marvels of American aviation.And if you want it, you can sponsor the reconstruction of the apparatus, for a donation, and we shall implement everything to find a means to thank you (name on cockle, dispatch of photographs, videos, etc). Merci d'avance pour votre aide, ils seraient vraiment être fière de faire voler de nouveau une de ses merveilles de l'Amérique aviation.And si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez parrainer la reconstruction de l'appareil, pour un don, et nous allons tout mettre en œuvre pour Trouver un moyen pour vous remercier (au nom de coques, envoi de photos, vidéos, etc.) Thank you in advance. Merci d'avance. Here is address where to send information:Obiwan70220@hotmail.fr MEINERT Maximilien Voici l'adresse où envoyer l'information: Obiwan70220@hotmail.fr MEINERT Maximilien
12/20/2007 @ 00:31 [ref: 18979]

My name is Everard Bakker and I am coming from Holland. In 2001, I started to write about a Dutch Royal Marines who was during World War II airgunner and served the Dutch 320 Squadron RAF.
The 320 squadron flew with the B-25 C, the Mitchell with the 2nd TAF.

This veteran, Mr Jonker, is still alive. He is 88 years old and has a really good mind. He is living in the house of Dutch veterans in Arnhem Holland, called Bronbeek.
Lloof for more information about Bronbeek ( www.bronbeek.nl )

Till today I\\\'m still working (in my freetime) of this unbelieveable life-story. And I still can confirm that his life-story has really took place.

On the 25th Oct 1943 Mr Jonker became very heavily wounded when there was a explosion in the dorsal turret. His arm was almost gone, and his whole body was full of schrapnels of the shell.
It is very important to show to the readers how the interior was of the Mitchell, especially of the dorsal turret.
The number of the Mitchell should be the B-25C (15-NA), with the number; FR 169 (42-32514).

But, I have a great problem!!! I would show the readers of this story the interior of the Mitchell B-25, with the Dorsal and Ventral turret, the rear and the bomb bay.
Unfortunately I can\\\'t find a picture of this interior. There are still Mitchells, but I am especially looking for the interior where you can see the ventral turret!

The book is almost ready, but it isn\\\'t finished when I haven\\\'t found some picture of the interior . When I not found this pictures, the readers could\\\'nt seen (and understand) how close and dangerous the airgunner did his job!!! And they also couldn\\\'t understand how heavily wounded he was lying on the ground of the Mitchell on the 25th October 1943, when he was so heavily wounded on his arm/ legs and back.

This book is dedicated to the crewmembers of the RAF!!!

Please, could you and the veteran, airgunner Mr. Jonker help us??!!!. He is now 88 and waiting when his book is ready!!!

If you are interested I will send you a picture with Mr Jonker and me together. This picture is made on Bronbeek, the house and also museum where Mr Jonker is living.
Only, this picture is 700 kb.

If you are interest, I will send you his story and pictures of him.

yours Sincereley,

Everard Bakker
Eemnes Netherland

03/16/2005 @ 06:17 [ref: 9713]
 Stockton, CA
Hello all, I have a mysterious picture of a B-25 in the pacific of WWII that has a radar dome above the cockpit, a dome of some sort on the starboard wing, and bat-style nose art. This plane seems to be painted black. In thepicture the cockpit is covered with a tarp. There are two identical planes in the picture. The only marking that is clear is a "D" painted on the "wing" of the bat nose art. The bat has a mouth full of teeth, similar to markings on P-40 warhawks. If you may know something about this or would like a picture, please email me because I want to know more.
02/25/2005 @ 14:05 [ref: 9529]
 Doug Smith
 toledo/ohio, OH
I wuold like to know if I can buy a ride on Your B-25 Mitchell. The B-25 has been my favorite airplane for more than 50 yrs and I thought I might like to ride in one before I die. The DC-3 is my second favorite and I'd like to buy a ride on that too. I sent an e-mail to Your outfit about a month ago but never got a response. Please say Yes. LOL!.............................................Doug Smith
08/09/2004 @ 11:04 [ref: 8006]
 ed ireland
 , NJ
i would like to first of all say that i am a former commercial pilot, asmel (jets), inst. and cfii. however at this time i am retired from flying. the purpose of this note is to find out some info concerning a model collection of 1/48" museum quality airplanes that my dad built who recently pasted away. he built a scale model of a PBJ -known as JONAH, WITH THE RADAR dome, and actual marking of this airplane. at the house we have over 400 museum quality models of all types, and looking to see if anyone would be interested in buying the lot or individual models. if interested please EM back, and if you have any friends or other interested parties please have them EM me.

thank you

ed ireland.
11/11/2001 @ 10:25 [ref: 3608]


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