Northrop A-17A 'Nomad'


Control Panel
  Base model:A-17
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1926-1947
  Basic role:Attack

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
36-162 / 36-261, 38-327 / 38-355


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06/24/2012 @ 05:13 [ref: 61525]
 V. Caldronia
 , TX
My uncle Cpl. J.C. Caldronia was killed in the crash of an A-17A on Febuary 10, 1940 along with Lt. Jemes W. Rhymes. According to the Shreveport Times their home base was Barksdale Field, they were members of the 8th Bombardment Squadron. The crash happened at Key Field in Meridian, MS on takeoff. Anyone who has further information about this I would appreciate hearing from.

05/14/2010 @ 13:51 [ref: 26171]
 Matt Fairbrass
 Bracebridge, ON
We have identified the crash area of a Northrop Nomad Mk1 Fighter Bomber that was lost in a collision with another Nomad on Dec 13th 1940 over Lake Muskoka Ontario. Four crewmen were killed. All were menbers of the newly formed BCATP and flew with the RCAF. Killed were Theodore Scribner Bates LAC # R53927 from Guelph Ontario Age 27 Also killed was FLT Lt Peter Campbell # 39219 RAF (on loan RAFO)England. age 24.(see GWGC registry) This amazing story is unfolding in the Muskoka region of Ontario this summer. The two aircraft were on a mercy mission to locate a missing fellow pilot from the day before. Both Nomads were seen to collide over Lake Muskoka and plunge into its ice cold depths. One aircraft was recovered and its pilots remains recovered. The second aircraft was never located although it was seen to plunge into the lake not far from the first.
We have formed a group called the "Lost Airmen in Muskoka Project" to retrieve the bodies of these brave young men and give closure to their familys. The Nomad aircraft is only the second known example to exist of this particular type also known as the A17a. Our project will very soon have a web site up and running and will also cover the other water crash sites that occured here during training in WW2. The Norwegian Airforce trained here also at the airport known as Little Norway. Several aircraft vanished into the wilds of Muskoka and several crashed into local lakes. 6 Pilots from Little Norway were killed here and were never found. The Lost Airmen in Muskoka Project is following several leads to locate the water crash sites of these pilots also. Local stories and hard work have paid off!! Please visit our site soon...
Matt Fairbrass LAMP
05/12/2007 @ 17:01 [ref: 16470]
 Lee Perna
 alexandria, VA
A-17A's 36-207, 38-348 and 38-355 served with the Sixth AF according to "Alae Supra Canalem" by Dan Hagedorn. The latter two served with the 27th Reconnaissance Squadron c. 1940-41. 38-355 was written off in January 1941. The 40th Bombardment Group had at least one A-17A in 1942. 36-207 was transfered among several U.S. Military Attaches in the region after April 1942.
05/23/2006 @ 14:26 [ref: 13365]


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