Piasecki HRP-1 'Rescuer'


Control Panel
  Base model:HRP
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1944-1962
  Basic role:Helicopter, Transport

  Length: 54' 16.4 m
  Wingspan: 41' 12.5 m
  Gross Weight: 7,225 lb 3,276 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1
  Horsepower (each): 600

  Max Speed: 104 mph 167 km/h 90 kt

Known serial numbers
37551, 111809 / 111828, 111834 / 111848


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 John D. Voss
 , CA
A total of twenty HRP-1's (BuNos 111809 - 11828) were ordered by the USN. All twenty were assigned to USMC sqdn HMX-1 at MCAS Quantico (VA) for evaluaton.
04/11/2006 @ 07:52 [ref: 13118]
 John J. Thomas
 Tacoma, WA
I was stationed at Quantico MCAS in 1951. HMX-1 had the HRP-1 and -2 there for training. They were quite a thrill to fly in. The drive line sounded like it was ready to wipe out any moment. SEMPER FIDELIS
10/19/2005 @ 01:55 [ref: 11512]
 Mike Goodall
 London, OTH
I have a postcard of the HRP-1 printed in Holland - Echte Foto - it shows the helcopter with a team of Navy Gymnasts on a ladder strung from the machine - I will scan asap and add
05/16/2001 @ 19:24 [ref: 2292]
 dick herrick
 salem, NH
I served in the u s navy from 1950 to 1954 at that time i flew in the hrp1 at kwest fla seaplane base. at that there was no outer skin to the plane. it was used for sonar anti sub detection. I would very much like to have a photo of that particular aircraft. if at possible please send. thank you dick ex u s navy
01/02/2001 @ 18:15 [ref: 1299]


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