Ryan L-17A (U-18A) 'Navion'

  Base model:L-17
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison

  Length: 27' 4" 8.3 m
  Height:8' 7" 2.6 m
  Wingspan: 33' 5" 10.1 m
  Gross Weight: 2,948 lb 1,337 kg
  Max Weight: 2,950 lb 1,337 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Continental O-470-7
  Horsepower (each): 185

  Range: 700 miles 1,127 km
  Cruise Speed: 150 mph 241 km/h 130 kt
  Max Speed: 163 mph 262 km/h 141 kt
  Ceiling: 11,000 ft 3,352 m


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 Alberto y Mario Cerino
 Buenos Aires, FL
Somos los hermanos Cerino del Aeroclub Río de La Plata, Aeródromo Ezpeleta, Berazategui, Buenos Aires. Tuvimos nuestro primer Navion en el año 1977, el NAV-4-25, con un Lycoming 190 Hp, LV-FHY, el que disfrutamos enormemente durante 5 años. Luego pasamos por un MACCI MB-308, y un SKYMASTER 336 pero extrañábamos nuestro Navion, por lo que en 1995 adquirimos el NAV-4-842, que volamos hasta la fecha con gran satisfacción (el cual pueden observar en las fotos abajo adjuntas, pintado en verde con una gran boca de tiburón). Un gran abrazo a todos los Navioners del mundo.
10/17/2009 @ 16:28 [ref: 25195]
 Susan Calvin
 Independence, MO
I own a R/C flying model plans service, Calvin's Classic Plans (calvinsclassicplans.com). Currently, I am gathering data for a very large scale (25-33% scale), accurate, detailed model of the Navion. ('Don't know why no one has bothered to do this before now). I have everything I need except accurate drawings of the fuselage structure (formers, cockpit framing, etc.). Can anyone help me with this project. Thanks.

Susan Calvin
06/25/2009 @ 21:40 [ref: 24268]
 Chris P
 , UT
Would like to find one, buy it, fly it... Need info... Many Thanks to all!!!
03/14/2009 @ 10:58 [ref: 23939]
 Chris Luxemburger
 Grand Valley, ON
What differentiates a Navion from a Navion 4?
05/08/2007 @ 04:41 [ref: 16429]
 Robert Benton
 , WA
Related to the L-17A is our 1969 NAvion "H" Model Rangemaster. 40+/- hours on reman IO520/props/governor, 10/10 exterior, etc.. Looking for a good home.
01/28/2007 @ 14:27 [ref: 15328]
 Robert Benton
 , WA
Related to the L-17A is our 1969 NAvion "H" Model Rangemaster. 40+/- hours on reman IO520/props/governor, 10/10 exterior, etc.. Looking for a good home.
01/28/2007 @ 14:27 [ref: 15327]
 Ted Woosley
 Hampshire, IL
I recently inherited a Navion and have no idea what it's worth - Can anyone help? Any idea what I could get for this airplane?

Reply to tjwooz@aol.com

N4139K Ryan Navion 1947 type B
FAA code 6150160
Serial #1139
205 Continental Engine
Double headed Polished Prop Hartzel, replaced bladder
High time engine
Auxillary Tank in baggage area
Rear step
Imron paint in very good condition
Always hangared
New original style windows 2004 &2006
New leather & fabric combo interior 2006
Custom headliner

Avionics (1993):
NavCom KX1555 with glidescope & indicator KI 209
GPS receiver with tomorrow antenna
Transponder GT 76A
Blind end coder AR850
Telex PC4 intercom

11/22/2006 @ 20:39 [ref: 14820]
 Javier Quintanilla
 Gral. Rodriguez, OTH
Hola, mi nombre Javier Quintanilla, estoy ubicado en el Aeródromo de la EAA de Argentina, Gral.Rodríguez, y les comento que el Navion que tengo, es de lo mejor que he volado, estoy muy conforme con este GRAN NAVION del año 1947, cuya matricula es LV-FRZ, y les he adjuntado unas fotos, para que las aprecien.-
09/19/2006 @ 09:32 [ref: 14218]
 James Shaw
 , OTH
Dear All,
I am a new private pilot (license in Jan 2006 in Kissimmee, Florida, and the mote and more I look at possible first planes, the Navion keeps coming up a winner in terms of options available. I am looking for a basic started Navion (budget is very much a concern). Perhaps someone could direct me to a Navion wuth low engine time available for sale. Thanks so much in advance!!!
James (jshaw007@hotmail.com)
04/16/2006 @ 21:43 [ref: 13179]
 jerry feather
 grand junction, CO
I have Navion NAV 4-862 which is an L-17 of some ilk. My predecessor in title made some effort to have the FAA change its registration from a Ryan to North American, but did not get it accomplished. I wonder now, after reading some of the history on the net that perhaps it was a north american, but was converted to L-17C by Ryan and that that ;is why it is registered that way. It is in ferryable condition, but needs paint, interior and panel to be licensed. The engine has about 800 hours and runs good. I flew it here when I bought it. It is almost totally unmodified. In fact the only mod is the prop spinner unless the underseat tank is a mod; although I suspect that the tank was done by Ryan and that is what might have made it an L-17C. Does anyone want to buy this airplane for $45,000?
12/17/2005 @ 20:15 [ref: 12011]


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