Sikorsky CH-53D 'Sea Stallion'

Notes: Upgraded CH-53A.
  Base model:H-53
  Nickname:Sea Stallion
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Transport

  Length: 88' 2" 26.8 m
  Height:24' 11" 7.5 m
  Wingspan: 72' 3" 22.0 m
  Wingarea: 4,070.0 sq ft 378.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 23,485 lb 10,650 kg
  Gross Weight: 36,400 lb 16,507 kg
  Max Weight: 42,000 lb 19,047 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric T64-GE-413
  Horsepower (each): 3925

  Range: 257 miles 413 km
  Cruise Speed: 173 mph 278 km/h 150 kt
  Max Speed: 196 mph 315 km/h 170 kt
  Ceiling: 21,000 ft 6,400 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USMC HMH-362 New River NC
USMC HMH-363 Tustin CA
USMC HMH-462 Tustin CA
USMC HMH-463 Kaneohe bay HI
USMC HMH-772 det Dallas TX
USMC HMT-204 MCAS New River NC
USMC HMX-1 Quantico VA

Known serial numbers
156654 / 156677, 156951 / 156970, 157127 / 157176, 157727 / 157756, 157930 / 157931


Recent comments by our visitors
 Mike Dale
 , GA
I was in HMH-36, MAG-26 From 1981 to 1984. I was in Production Control Maintenance Admin. I remember the the crash of 1983. I always wondered what happened to the survivor(Capt. Bynum). Due to the stress of trying to pick up the pieces our Squadron went through, I didn't get a chance to check on him. Does anyone know if he is still alive, and where he is living?
03/07/2015 @ 10:13 [ref: 68974]
 Rusty Waldrop
 Elizabeth city, NC
I was an AMS for HMH362 Ugly Angels when aircraft 13 Went down outside Yuma Ar. It was not a routine check that was postponed. it was a missed crack in the TR gear box lug. The inspection was a FPI at the 100 hour phase. Using inspection personnel which were allowed to perform the NDI application whom obtained a penetrant only inspection card. After the accident the corrective action changed the card to a 50 hour inspection using an eddy current application performed by certifiedersonel. There was one survivor after a fall of over 2000 feet. The pilot attempted to autorotate but could not. The survivor. Was located aft of the main gear box when it crashed. This individual had extensive burns but is still survived today. This is how I know it to have been. I have attempted to locate the accident report but could not.
03/05/2013 @ 13:50 [ref: 67641]
 Tom \"TP\" Benton
 Chicago, IL
To "Old Marine" looking for folks that worked with Dewey Johnson.. Is this the same guy known as "Bunger" or "Bunghole"? If so, I served with Dewey in 73-75 timeframe.

Contact me at tpmb53@gmail.com
04/01/2012 @ 09:22 [ref: 54579]
 David Biser
 Harrisburg, PA
Hey Woody,
I was in 362's QA at the time as a sgt. We did a pretty extensive survey of the crash and discovered that there was a crack in the tail rotor gear box that would have been picked up on a routine maint. check that was post poned so they could finish the hop they were on to Calif. The check was due but they thought they could push it to the end of the hop. We ended up writing new tail rotor gear box inspection regs.
I too lost several good friends that day. I had just finished a night shift when I got called back in to hear the bad news. I was supposed to be on that flight but a guy name Ken took my place...he left a wife and two young children.

10/29/2011 @ 18:24 [ref: 49876]
 Woody Kollar
 South Bend, IN
Does anybody have information on a helicopter crash on March 28 1983? A CH-53D went down in South Eastern Arizona from the squadron HMH 362 Ugly Angels. Tail rotor fell off and 6 crewmembers were killed and one survivor. I was a witness to this event, and some good friends were on the aircraft. After all these years I still do not know what happen.
08/09/2011 @ 22:30 [ref: 45925]
 Sgt. Bob \"Bitchen\" Bowman
 , KY
I was with HMH-361 from 1981-1989. Lost a few good friend/Marines in aircraft crashes, mostly pilot error. Love the 53D, sure it was a challenge to maintain but what a work horse. Miss flying on them. Flew with HMH-772 Det.A, during Desert Shield/Storm/Sword, we had RH-53D. Pulled a lot of missions for the E models that were down for maintenance. Showed the Corps not to get rid of the D model Sky Pigs, they have a great use for the missions.
08/06/2011 @ 01:36 [ref: 45820]
 Richard Martin
 , FL
In reference to the 53 that threw a blade, I was in H&MS-26 at the time and it was one of the planes we had that it happened to. The aircraft was heading out to go to an overhaul facility and never made it far off our flight line. They were heading to the fuel pit to top off when it happened. All of the crew on board were from other squadrons and I'm sorry but I don't recall any of their names. The Crew Chief on board was ours and his name was Sgt. James Gwen. If I'm not mistaken, he wore Combat Aircrew wings awarded in Vietnam. It was a terrible day for us.
04/11/2011 @ 12:26 [ref: 37185]
 Richard Martin
 , FL
Under the "Operator" list it didn't include HMH-461 on MCAS New River. I was a Crew Chief in 461 from 74 to 75.
04/11/2011 @ 12:16 [ref: 37184]
 rihard skjordal ( ski )
 cleveland, OH
i remember dewey he was a kool guy i remember he was so good at being a crew chief on the ch53 i remember his big ears lol i would say we were friends while i was in, sorry to hear, may he b resting in peace he is a hero to me !!!
does anyone remember john vincent cataldi get back to me
03/15/2011 @ 17:45 [ref: 36858]
 john nanke
 prescott, AZ
I crewed YZ-70 for HMH-363 1977-78 then moved to HMX-1 for operation Evaluation of E model for 11 months. I became one of the first crew chiefs for the E models. I have a lot of fond memories regarding 53's.
John Nanke
11/24/2010 @ 19:36 [ref: 33362]


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