Sikorsky CH-54B 'Skycrane'

Notes: Upgraded CH-54A with 25, 000 pound lift capacity.
  Base model:H-54
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Transport
  Crew:Pilot, Co-Pilot, 3rd aft pilot

  Length: 88' 6" 26.9 m
  Height:18' 7" 5.6 m
  Wingspan: 72' 21.9 m
  Wingarea: 4,070.0 sq ft 378.0 sq m

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-5A
  Horsepower (each): 4800


Known serial numbers
69-18462 / 69-18490, 69-18491 / 69-18499, 70-18485 / 70-18490

Examples of this type may be found at
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut

CH-54B on display

New England Air Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 steve \"bubba\" gardner FE CH54B CT
 , MA
69-18462 was my ship at bdl ct. in the '80s. it was a work horse and every place that could leak oil did. thats ok. yup if ya have a question about any of your army airframe #'s and where they went to its real simple contact someone at erickson and they will let ya know.
09/28/2014 @ 14:30 [ref: 68672]
 Donna Corssen
 , MO
More photos from Red Beach - SkyCrane 382nd TC DET 1968-1969 taken by Donald Corssen.

02/01/2014 @ 15:51 [ref: 68334]
 Donna Corssen
 , MO
More photos from Red Beach - SkyCrane 382nd TC DET 1968-1969 taken by Donald Corssen.
02/01/2014 @ 15:51 [ref: 68333]
 Chicago, IL
Mike Balaska, my father is Robert Bielarz and was very good friends of Mike W. If you know him and have any pictures I would love to see them, my father lost tons of pictures in a basment flood, THANKS. GB50232@gmail.com

09/29/2011 @ 20:20 [ref: 49330]
 Mike Balaska
 Margate, FL
I was in the 355th and the 478th I was a crewchief the day the crane was shot down. I was a friend of Mike W. that day we had 3 cranes at camp Evans. We did a lot of flying in the Asha valley.We stayed at danang,with the airforce and the Marines,with our cranes.The 1968 year was something.
09/11/2011 @ 11:33 [ref: 48888]
 Luis A. Baez Delgado
 San Juan, FL
Hello Steve Allen,
O my God, I was looking on CH-54 models for my office and came across this web site. I was station with you in Ok, I started in maintenance with Cane Loggans and then flight platoon, Mosley was my flight engineer before flight engineer (479). Last time with the 54 was as an advisor to the Alaska National Guard. I retire in 2005 after 32 years of service. I will like to get in touch with you and others. Great to some of us are well.

02/16/2009 @ 00:35 [ref: 23735]
 Jay Mix
 Yreka, CA
Hey Steve sorry about giving you info about 64. 18462 to civilian registry as NN7028U, N197AC. Registered May 26, 2006 to Corpo Forestale dello Stato of Rome as I-CFAIo. So your birds in Italy. I live like 30 miles from Erickson Air.
06/24/2008 @ 10:11 [ref: 21591]
 Jay Mix
 Yreka, CA
Hey Biggs I remember you. If you hear from Younger give him my e-mail skycrane18479@yahoo.com I dont know if you remember Dave Gage but he emailed me a while back. There is a skycrane group at yahoo that I belong to, if anyone wants any info please email I'd love to talk to anyone from my old unit (273rd) or about skycranes in general. To the guy that was looking for 64 (I came over here without remebering his name : 18464 (c/n 64-071) noted Mar 2004 at Birmingham IAP, AL
If anyone was looking up their old aircraft go to general search, tail numbers and they will give you all years to find them. I was very happy to find that 79 was perserved at the Alabama Air Museum along with 64. Peace
06/24/2008 @ 10:00 [ref: 21590]
 Steve Allen
 New Cumberland, PA
Hey Randy Younger, I remember you!!! You were one of our younger crewmembers. As a matter of fact you were Grubbs crewchief were"nt you? I use to room with Harry leo Mosley.I still have a lot of pics of you guys working in the hanger there at Ft. Siil back in the day. Hey randy drop me an e-mail some time, It would be grat to hear from you. I ended up in the A model unit in PA (the 1028th Trans) we ended up with Georgia's A models. we lost one in ohio back in the 80"s .
04/03/2008 @ 13:47 [ref: 20328]
 Adrian Reed
 Belleville, IL
Deborah Myers McKay, I served with your dad in the 478th at DaNang and then we moved up to Red Beach. I have some photos that might interest you.
01/11/2008 @ 04:53 [ref: 19226]


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