Sikorsky HH-60D 'NIGHT HAWK'

Notes: UH-60A configured for af use with avionics for night/adverse weather operations, extended range, and unique combat rescue equipment.
  Base model:H-60
  Nickname:NIGHT HAWK
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Search and Rescue





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 Jeff Phillips
 Poquoson, VA
My father worked with this project in the mid-80's
I was looking for photos online and I have some from our collection at home that were not here.. so I am adding them. Hope someone finds it useful
08/19/2015 @ 10:20 [ref: 69215]
 Derek Sharp
 Huntsville, AL
I was assigned to the HH-60 A/D Nighthawk Program located at EAFB, CA. I served as the daytime CE for Sikorsky along with Noel Bagwan and Jim Hoffman. Several of the Sikorsky folks enjoyed this program as it was basically the (or we though) next gen. USAF CSAR platform. The high gull wings, the four MFD's the next generation IBM Hardware and Software, along with flight test at Red Rock Canyon, China Lake and points East to North Base proved extremely exciting.

I can go on and on but the final summation is that this was an extremely good program to be on as I found out just how professional and detailed the USAF CSAR/Test community where. Thank you Air Force for your vision and support.
07/23/2014 @ 06:41 [ref: 68574]
 Eric Greenblatt
 Albuquerque, NM
2 HH60Ds were planned, I believe only 82-23718, was configured as a D. It sat in limbo for many years but was eventually reconfigured as a MH60G and is still flying the line @ KAFB NM with the 58th SOW as an HH60G.
02/20/2012 @ 07:42 [ref: 53129]
 , KS
I had the pleasure of working on the HH-60D Nighthawk at the 6515th TSS. It was a test plane developed in the early to mid 80's and only flown at Edwards AFB. The patch was reworked as it looked like it said HH-GOD. It was also scrapped @1987. The picture shown is not a HH-60D
09/16/2007 @ 05:33 [ref: 17936]


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