Sikorsky HSS-1 (SH-34G)

  Base model:HSS
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1951-1962
  Basic role:Helicopter, Anti-Submarine
  Modified Mission:Coast Guard
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Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
60-5424 / 60-5429, 152188


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 blake baumstark
 port angeles, WA
I was in HS-4 for the 1958 Westpac cruise on USS Princeton. I've lost my cruise book. Anybody know where I can buy one? Thanks. Hi to all my ichi-bon shipmates and squadron mates.
02/17/2010 @ 05:42 [ref: 25738]
 Clarence Puckett
 Chesapeake, Va., VA
Anyone who was in HS-3 at Weeksville, N.C.with HSS-1 Helicopters please contact me at cpoepuck@verizon.net. Looking for old squadron shipmates...especially Dean Clark who was from Greeneville,Ohio.
12/26/2009 @ 18:14 [ref: 25481]
 Clarence Puckett
 Chesapeake, Va., VA
I was in HS-3 based at Weeksville, N.C. from 1954 to 1957. At first we had HO4S's then transitioned to HSS-1's in 1955, the first squadron to be assigned them. I flew as an airborne sonar operator, first in HO4S's..then in HSS-1's which I considered a much better helo althought we had trouble with engine failure a couple of times. We had the AQS-4 dip sonar and later were equipped with tilt racks for homing electric torpedoes. This made us not only a search but an attack helicopter squadron also.
I went on many cruised and flew many hours mostly in HSS-1's. Most of my cruised were on the USS Antietam CVS-36 out of Quonset Point, R.I. but also cruised on the Valley Forge, Leyte, Tarawa, and once on the Kula Gulf,a CVES. We went to Havana, Cuba (before Castro)and later we were involved in the Suez Canal Crisis in 1956 while aboard the Antietam. I left the Navy in June 1957 and have been in touch with only three squadron shipmates from that time. If there is anyone else from that time and happen to read this...please contact me at the e-mail address above....
12/26/2009 @ 10:47 [ref: 25477]
 David C. Lodestein
 Eugene,, OR
I waas assigned to HS-2 in 1954 and was a plane captain on HO4S-3's until we transitioned to the HSS-1N's. We found it a relatively easy transition as everything was in the same old place except bigger, higher, and heavier. We had some problems with the ASE gear but generally the a/c was a sound design and flew well. Made the first full squadron deployment of an HS outfit on the Phillipine Sea in 1957. It was 8 months long. We lost our skipper, Joe Allen, due to a tail rotor failure while at Ream field. I ended my tour in HS-2 in January of 1958,and went to FASRON 8 at NAS Alameda, returned to HU-1 in the "single rotors' shop this time on HUS's and HU2K's.
08/21/2008 @ 10:01 [ref: 22517]
 ADCFury Ret
 Virginia Beach, VA
I was a Plane Capt on VO7 (Victor Oscar7)a HSS-1, Helo On the USS BOXER CVS21,with HS-4,for the 1956/57 Cruise,to the Far East. We had 16 helos and the first FULL Squadron to deploy.Over 300 men and officers, Wrote the Sea Going book on the HSS-1 Seabats. We flew them with NO Throttle Governors. They were Great Helos . Was transfered to HS-8 after getting back From the HS4 Cruise. HS8 Needed Plane Capts and being single and Young Volenteered to go with HS-8 Assigned VB 8 (Victor Bravo 8)

Commanding Officers
CDR CS Tanner HS-4 56/57 Cruise
CDR Payne HS-8 57/58 Cruice
I went on to Complete 41yrs of Naval Servise 1955 to 1998,2yrs out
07/26/2008 @ 18:55 [ref: 22271]
 Port Angeles, WA
I was with Helasron 8 (the 8 Ballers) out of Ream Field, Imperial Beach, CA 1956-58. We did WestPAC Cruise in 57-58 aboard CVS-37, USS Princeton, with what I believe was the
first HSS-1 equipped West Coast squadron with full-channel auto stabe systems operational.
01/13/2008 @ 10:24 [ref: 19280]