Sikorsky JRS-1


Control Panel
  Base model:JRS
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1955
  Basic role:Utility Transport

  Length: 51' 1" 15.5 m
  Height:20' 2" 6.1 m
  Wingspan: 86' 0" 26.2 m
  Gross Weight: 19,096 lb 8,660 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1690-52
  Horsepower (each): 750

  Max Speed: 190 mph 305 km/h 164 kt
  Ceiling: 20,700 ft 6,309 m

Known serial numbers
0504 / 0506, 1054 / 1063, 1191 / 1194


Recent comments by our visitors
 Jim Damgaard
 Somerset, CA
My father, Clarence (Danny) Damgaard, logged time as Flight Engineer, in all 10 of the JRS-1 aircraft that were stationed at Pearl Harbor, including #1063. He was stationed there from early 1941 through 1944 when he was transferred to Moffett Field where he discharged in 1948. Imagine my surprise when I realized that one of the aircraft that he worked on, was now due to be restored by the Smithsonian.
06/23/2011 @ 23:38 [ref: 39749]
 Pat Robinson
 Frederick, MD
R.L. Downs.
Please contact us! robinsonp@si.edu
04/18/2011 @ 03:46 [ref: 37513]
 Pat Robinson
 Frederick, MD
The Sikorsky JRS-1 has been moved from it's long time storage to the new Restoration Facitlity at the NASM Hazy Center, Chantilly, Va.



03/26/2011 @ 14:48 [ref: 37110]
 Scott Beaton
 Albany, OR
Howdy, I just stumbled across this page when I was looking for information about the JRS-1 at silver hill. I saw it when I was a kid with my parents and my grandfather, any way he told me he had flown in that very airplane soon after Pearl was attacked he told me that since it was one of the few planes left in flying condition after the attack they used it to go hunting for subs. He told me they put him in the aft hatch as the 'tailgunner', he said he had a 30/30 rifle. That story has stuck with me for a long time. I wonder if anybody here ever heard of my Granddad, John M. Beaton.
10/04/2006 @ 13:28 [ref: 14368]
 R.L. Downs
 m0untain View ,, CA
This is to update my email of the old messages left in the past.
02/21/2006 @ 19:12 [ref: 12567]
 Stephanie Wainer
 Clemmons, NC
I don't know if it matters to anyone, but my grandfathers Flight Log shows him being ona JRS-1, Machine number 1055 on October 10 and 22 1940. He was in the Navy.
12/27/2004 @ 22:21 [ref: 8989]
 Mountain View, CA
Here is RL Downs again. Keep coming back to this site . I
see that Smithsonian Air Space now shows their JRS at their Restoration site and gives the tail # as 1063.The article also says that on Dec.7th 1063 being one of the few aircraft serviceable loaded up with bombs and depth charges and took off looking for the Japanese fleet.Sorry to say 1063 was a utility Transport and had no provisions for carrying any bombs or depth charges. The info above is more accurate.I talked to a Navy officer who was at the time a Lt.jg and was duty officer in that Squadron on the morning of Dec 7. He had also flown 1063.
I have thought of E mailing Smithsonian,but never made the move. I had better make up my mind pretty soon as it is getting late. Like 85+ Navy guys like to gab about the old days as you can see. Next edition I will tell you about the Navy Blimp L-8
that came back from a mission without the crew. Bye rld1
08/01/2004 @ 00:00 [ref: 7952]
 Bryant Skinny Fleming
 Goleta Ca, CA
The Navy recd 17 JRS of which 2 went to the Marines VMJ-1 & 2. VJ-1 recd their first one May 37 NAS SD Bu Nr 0505 which crashed 12/31/38 at SD. VJ-1 Embarked in Jun 40 on the USS Yorktown with their JRSs/J2Fs for deployment to NAS Pearl Harbor. On 7 Dec 41 JRS 1-J-1 BN 1063 was launched with Lt Ruth P, ACMM-AP Geise CP. PC, RM, & 2 Marines with rifles for fire power flying a 5.3 hr search mission looking for Japs. Luckily they didnt find them. VJ-1 operated their last JRS Msn Oct 43. VJ-2 had 2 JRS at SD which were trsfd to VJ-4 on the east coast. There is one SR-43 still flying which formerly belong to Howard Hughes & is located at Houston SW Airport. Pima Air Museum has just finished restoring a SR-43 which is now on display in Marine VMJ colors. I have complete SR-43/JRS info. If you would like a copy please contact me.
04/06/2001 @ 23:51 [ref: 2024]
 R.L. Downs
 Mountain View, CA
I recently looked at the info you had avail. on the JRS1
Sikorsky and I left a note about the one that I had been a crew member on during WW2. In fact I help ferry it to retirement from the service. The National Air and Space
Magazine has a picture of one they have waiting to be
resurected and I wondered if it was the same aircraft. Lo and behold a fellow (Crosby Norbeck.Houston Tx) left a message,But did not give his E-mail address. I would really
like to get in touch with him. Can you give me his E-mail address? Thanks You have a fine Website.
It was the same aircraft. Aviation History.com had the info
12/28/2000 @ 15:53 [ref: 1262]
 Crosby Norbeck
 Houston, TX
Hey Bob! I happened to pick up a copy of Air and Space yesterday and became curious about the Sikorsky shown. According to this website: http://www.aviation-history.com/garber/vg-bldg/sikorsky_S43-2_f.html the one NASM has is in fact 1063.
12/17/2000 @ 11:52 [ref: 1196]


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