Sikorsky SH-3A 'Sea King'

Notes: One 5-BLADE main rotor and one 5-BLADE tail rotor, retractable main gear and amphibious hull. ALL-WEATHER asw (4 CREW) . Also staff transport version.
  Base model:H-3
  Nickname:Sea King
  Equivalent to: HSS-2
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Anti-submarine
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  Length: 72' 9" 22.1 m
  Wingspan: 62' 18.9 m
  Empty Weight: 11,301 lb 5,125 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric T58-GE-8B
  Horsepower (each): 1250

  Range: 540 miles 869 km
  Max Speed: 159 mph 256 km/h 138 kt
  Ceiling: 15,000 ft 4,571 m

Known serial numbers
151635 / 151637, 152104 / 152138


Recent comments by our visitors
 Fred \" Spike \" Schau
 , CA
Served with HS-85/HS-128 in Alameda during the 80's.Worked in the PowerPlants shop as a AD2.Also did a TAD cruise on the HMS Provider.
09/14/2014 @ 21:57 [ref: 68660]
 Pat Milligan
 Ridgeland, MS
I was a SH-3A pilot in the original HS-9. Those years flying the Navy ASW helicopter were some of the best in my life. Mostly I remember the outstanding crews and our Russian adversaries who led us on many a merry chase.

09/14/2013 @ 05:17 [ref: 68061]
 ron fix
 kingwood, TX
I like to give a shout out to all the HS 11 crew of 1967.

08/10/2013 @ 10:57 [ref: 68007]
 Floyd D Haner Jr
 Elmira,NY, NY
HS-9 1967-1968 Med-NATO in 1968 great time I Was a plane captain loved the work
05/27/2013 @ 17:22 [ref: 67846]
 P Frankenberger, Jr
 , PA
My Dad was a pilot in HS-3 and HS-5 in 60's
04/11/2013 @ 10:08 [ref: 67726]
 Howard Boylin
 , CA
Served with HS-10 NASIB from 1967 - 1971 as an AMH-3 . Worked as a plane captain , hydraulic shop and IMA. Did a training hop to Las Vegas (Nellis AFB) in 71.
07/02/2008 @ 11:05 [ref: 21745]
 F. Chiocco
 Ramsey, NJ
I was with HS5 from 10/63 to 10/65. When I got to Quonset Point, all the Sea Kings were relatively new. I was a plane captain and remember well greasing the rotor blade hub grease fittings after every flight. An incident I remember while on a cruise, a helo was hovering with its sonar dipped and suddenly lost one engine. It settled in the water and the pilot could'nt lift out of the water with one engine. He decided to lighten the load and cut the sonar cable, had the co-pilot and crewmember abandon the helo and threw out all unnecessary gear. Both guys were picked up by a destroyer. The helo finally was able to lift out of the water and made it back to the Lake Champlain safely. I think they determined that contaminated fuel caused the engine to fail.
10/03/2007 @ 10:56 [ref: 18088]
 karl sievers
 fremont, NE
i was a plane captain and adj in hs-6 onboard the uss kearsarge cvs-33 got out in 1967. great aircraft to fly in and maintain. wish i could do it all over without the war.
08/24/2006 @ 05:53 [ref: 13978]
 Karl Grimmelmann
 Belle Fourche, SD
I was an AMH3 & 2 in HS-9 at Quonset Point from 67 to 68, then after decommissioning I went right to HS-5 in the same hanger and got out in 70. Worked on 3A's in HS-9 and 3D's in HS-5. Great birds.
03/01/2006 @ 18:50 [ref: 12666]
 Dave Wells
 Marietta, GA
I served as an aircrewman with HS-3 from 1964 thru 1966 as an AX2(AC). We had SH-3A and SH-3D aircraft during this period. This was a great helicopter design, except for the heater that only seemed to light when the outside temp was above 65F. Remember the Gemini recovery missions when they had plane captains out in the middle of the night wiping down the aircraft with hydraulic fluid so they would shine on TV and in pictures?
My son just completed Navy Aircrew Candidate School and Navy Rescue Swimmer training, and is starting aircrew training in Pensacola.
01/17/2006 @ 09:01 [ref: 12178]


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