Sikorsky UH-19D 'Choctaw'

  Base model:H-19
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Utility
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UH-19D on display

Museum of Aviation


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 Brisbane QLD, OTH
OK so the h-34 was also the Westland Wessex. The h-19 was also the Westland Wirlwind. Does anyone have any pictures of one of those. I would really love to see the british version for comparison as the wessex had an added nose radar and search light.
03/09/2007 @ 05:32 [ref: 15828]
 Capt John Mustard
 Tyler, TX
The UH-19 was the advanced trainer at Fort Rucker when I went through in 1963. It was severely underpowered, and if we filled the fuel tanks, it would not hover in the hot weather down there. So most of the time, we used 1/2 fuel load. The cyclic was extremely sensitive, and since I was short, I had to use a wedge pillow behind my back to sit in a position where I could lock my right forearm on my thigh. Otherwise, you would wobble all over the place.

It probably worked OK in Korea where it was first used, in the winter operations. In hot weather, with a load, you would have to do a running takeoff, until achieving translational lift.

The best thing it did for me was to give me a very light touch on the controls, and make me a smoother pilot, because of it's sensitivity. Those of us that flew the H-19 envied the class members that got to fly the H-34. After our work with the H-19, we then got a brief transition into the UH-1, for formation, gunnery, and instrument flying. Then it was off to Vietnam for most of us.
10/16/2005 @ 07:26 [ref: 11483]
 lexington, KY
It is the "Chickasaw", the UH-34 was the Choctaw. Incidentally, if you look at the modern black hawk you can see a lot of resemblance to the H-34.
06/06/2005 @ 12:15 [ref: 10409]
 James Dula
 Ardmore, OK
Everything I've ever read or seen says the H-19, A through D model, was the Chickasaw. The A and B models were for the Air Force, while the C & D models went to the Army. The C model had something like a 550 hp engine & the D model had a 700 hp engine.

The H-34 was the Choctaw - which was basically a streached version of the H-19 with a larger engine, and came after the Korean War.
01/03/2005 @ 17:32 [ref: 9040]
 Russ Bixby
 Bonner Springs, KS
The Commemorative Air Force also has a UH-19D on display. BTW, I thought it was the "Chickasaw," rather than Choctaw.

Which is it?

11/23/2004 @ 04:00 [ref: 8685]


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