Sikorsky VH-3A 'Sea King'


  Base model:H-3
  Nickname:Sea King
  Equivalent to: HSS-2Z HSS2ZHSS-2Z
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Staff Transport
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  Length: 72' 9" 22.1 m
  Wingspan: 62' 18.9 m
  Empty Weight: 11,301 lb 5,125 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric T58-GE-8B
  Horsepower (each): 1250


Operators (Past and Present)
USN HC-2 Norfolk VA
USN HC-6 Norfolk VA

Known serial numbers
159350 / 159360


Recent comments by our visitors
 Josh Drinkwater
 York, PA
Hi everyone. I noticed a few HC-2 member names that I recognized. Theres a few more I'd like to say hello to. If anyone thinks they can help, please Email me. jidrink@gmail.com Thanks!
11/15/2008 @ 08:39 [ref: 23073]
 Mason Lee Bradfield
 Mt Vernon, WA
I made an error in my last comment, I was In the HC-2 sqaudron. Not HC-6. Sorry if I confused anyone.
05/08/2008 @ 14:39 [ref: 20831]
 , MD
NVH-3A BUNO 150614 is the last flying VH-3A. She is used in support of the VH-3D's at Pax River Md, but is due to be retired in approx 1 year
01/29/2008 @ 08:55 [ref: 19458]
 Stephen Ledbetter
 Kannapolis, NC
My father was Jimmy H Ledbetter. He was crew chief on one of the teams, From VA ArmyOne. I Have a lot of Pics from that time and some with Kennedy getting off the heli.
I was realy very young ,One day in 1963 he ask me to go with him . I can remember getting on the Sikorsky. They were only taxing out on the field. I started to scream at the top of my lungs. I thought they were going up in the air. When I got off I can remember yelling, THAT WAS SO COOL. We talked many times about that day and outhers. He retired from service With 27 years. Bronze Star was just one of many. any body having storys from this time or any outher that you would like to share Please do . Stephen
01/12/2008 @ 07:53 [ref: 19266]
 Willie Rivera
 Norfolk, VA
The H-3 was a very reliable A/C that served the fleet for many years. I was the benificiary of it's reliability on two deployments to Bahrain with the "Desert Ducks" and one deployment to Naples with the "Ghostriders".

I see ole Chef (Oehlbeck) has hit this sight, he had a large part to do with HC-2's success with the H-3. I relased the last H-3 "Safe for Flight" on it's final journey to the desert. The pilot was LCDR Chris Legrande. I'm currently in pergatory working Maintenance Control on MH-53E's. I miss the reliable H-3.
10/24/2007 @ 15:16 [ref: 18290]
 Mark Scott
 , AZ
Frank Julian and I Crewed and worked on the 4 VH-3's we had at HC-6 and then HC-2 in the late 80's thats right "wax on wax off" there were more good times than bad. The missions were "different" The people were all good. Small world huh Frank, Congrats on the retirement, do you remember the two Phillipino guys Fred and George,,good guys! I saw one of the VH's in storage at Davis Monthan AFB 150616, which would have been HW 033 if I remember right,, Take care, Mark Scott Prior AMH2
06/11/2007 @ 14:15 [ref: 16801]
 Frank Julian
 , MD
Hey All,
I was in HC2 from 87-91 and logged about 750hrs between A/C 30,31,32,33. They were a lot of fun to fly and fly in, but i hatted all the WAX-ON/WAX-OFF and greasing that stinking head ARGH! what a mess. HC-2 was my first squadron and now I'm retiring as a P-3 F.E. It was sad to see them go, but the new birds that they are building here will be much better. Take care all.
Frank Julian, AEC, USN
05/04/2007 @ 13:20 [ref: 16399]
 William Oehlbeck
 , VA
This is cut and pasted from the Naval Aviation Museum about HC-2's aircraft 30. The museum's aircraft (Bureau Number 150613) was accepted by the U.S. Air Force in March 1962 under the designation HSS-2Z and was redesignated a VH-3A in August 1962 when the Department of Defense standardized aircraft nomenclature. One of two Sea King VIP transports painted briefly in U.S. Army markings, it served as part of the Executive Flight Detachment, until transferred to HMX-1 in 1966. It remained in the squadron until May 1976, at which time it began operating as part of Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (HC) 6. After logging flights for more than a decade with the HC-6, BuNo 150613 joined HC-2, its last squadron. After 10,763.2 hours of flight time and 23331 landings, it was delivered to the National Museum of Naval Aviation in 2004.
01/26/2007 @ 10:56 [ref: 15305]
 Norfolk, VA
I am currently stationed at HSC-2 (formerly HC-2) we are now a MH-60S Squardon. The last VH-3A was retired in February of 2006 and flown to the desert. Aircraft 31 BUNO 156011 was flown to CA. and given to the Ronald Reagan Libary.
01/26/2007 @ 10:37 [ref: 15304]
 wes schmidt
 marysville, CA
i was stationed at hc-2 from 1999 to 2001 heres a bit of history while i was there.31 and 32 are still in operation as far as i know.while i was there we had all the birds in the hangar and had all the doors open.well a gust of wind blew through and slammed the tail section of 33 into a pilar and totaled the bird.before i left i introduced a new bird that was capable of landing on board the ship.they used the parts from 33 to build it.
10/09/2006 @ 21:31 [ref: 14411]


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