Sikorsky VH-60N 'Black Hawk'

Notes: Modified HH-60D used to transport the president, vice president, and white house staff.
  Base model:H-60
  Nickname:Black Hawk
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Staff transport

  Length: 64' 10" 19.7 m
  Height:16' 10" 5.1 m
  Wingspan: 3" 8" 0.0 m
  Wingarea: 2,260.0 sq ft 209.9 sq m
  Empty Weight: 13,417 lb 6,084 kg
  Gross Weight: 21,246 lb 9,635 kg
  Max Weight: 22,000 lb 9,977 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric T700-GE-401
  Horsepower (each): 1543


Operators (Past and Present)
USMC HMX-1 Quantico VA


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 Milwaukee, WI
There is Army VH-60's that support the General officers out of the Pentagon.
06/20/2008 @ 08:30 [ref: 21562]
 d. allen
 , VA
i was in hmx when the vh-60 first arrived. they are operated by marines. they are blackhawk airframes with seahawk avionics etc. the white house did not like the way the seahawk looked, hence the blackhawk airframe. they replaced the vh-1n twin pack hueys. the army doesnt have anything to do with any presidential aircraft, and they havent for a very long time.
02/14/2005 @ 21:20 [ref: 9440]
 , IN
I stand corrected sir, you are correct, HMX 1 does fly the a/c. Thanks for pointing that out.
12/19/2004 @ 09:09 [ref: 8901]
 , AL
You are not entirely correct with your assessment of who flies the VH-60's. There are indeed Army VH-60's, but the presidential VH-60's are flown exclusively by the USMC of HMX-1. The Army officially gave up the rotation of that mission many years ago, and since then, it has fallen squarely on the shoulders of HMX-1. The Army versions primarily fly other senior ranking officals.
One last note, and aircraft is not Army-1, Marine-1, Air Force-1, etc, unless the president is on board. ie; the 747 could fly the vice president, although unlikely, and be taggeed with a call sign of Air Force 2. (ref: General Planning Flight Information Publication)
09/22/2004 @ 15:17 [ref: 8313]
 , IN
The Presidential aircraft are not actually UH 60s. They are off the shelf civilian model S70s. This is why they have clamshell doors and not the usual sliding doors. The aircraft are owned by the WHMO (White House Military Office) and are usually flown by Army aircrews and occasionally HMX 1 crews.
07/01/2004 @ 02:49 [ref: 7728]
 , OTH
geeeessh.....all i wanna do is finish the Revell 1/48 HH_60D conversion to the VH-60N and would like some 360 degree up-close reference pics.........not much to ask from as a taxpayer......
05/24/2004 @ 11:43 [ref: 7469]
 , CA
The picture of President Clinton with the helo in the background is not a VH-60, its a VH-3
03/15/2004 @ 18:41 [ref: 6985]
 , OH
The Sikrorsky VH-60N is a nice chopper also known as Marine 1 it's friends (Nighthawk 2 & 3) are Sikorsky CH-53E super stallions also VERY NICE.
02/09/2004 @ 17:57 [ref: 6754]
 , TX
I'm a former Marine who worked at HMX-1. The helicopters are actually owned by the White House and operated by the Marine Corps.
10/05/2002 @ 14:58 [ref: 5819]
 Cave Creek, AZ
Here's 5 more VH-60N photos for everyone...hope they help for those of you scale modeling, etc.
02/04/2002 @ 16:03 [ref: 4250]


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