Sikorsky YSH-60B 'Black Hawk'

Notes: SH-60B aircraft with unique configuration. Requires more manpower and special parts.
  Base model:H-60
  Nickname:Black Hawk
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter

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Known serial numbers
161169 / 161173


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 Mike Duncan
 , FL
BUNO 161173 is the -60B that was on mounted display at the Main Gate of NS Mayport, FL. Not sure it's still there since they are retiring the SH-60B's a a fast clip now that they are being replaced by the "R" model. They may have replaced it with a better example. 161173 was retired in 1983 with only a few hundred hours flight time on the airframe and then used for destructive testing of the Float Bag system. It was dropped from a crane several times into the ocean from different angles to see if the float bags would right it once in the water. The secret about this airframe is that the nose has several hundred pounds of auotmotive "Bondo" to repair the shape that was dented up so bad from the tests. I was in VX-1 during the OPEVAL tests and was the Det LPO. I'm still working with H-60's all these years later as a Navy Tech Rep. The YSH-60's were all hand made and very different from Lot 1 Prod aircraft and therefore could not be supported in the fleet and were retired except for 161169, which was kept at Sikorsky for future development efforts.
05/14/2011 @ 17:34 [ref: 38005]


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