Vought RF-8A 'Crusader'


  Base model:F-8
  Equivalent to: F8U-1P F8U1PF8U-1P
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance
  First Flew:1956/12/17
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  Length: 54' 3" 16.5 m
  Height:15' 9" 4.8 m
  Wingspan: 35' 8" 10.8 m
  Wingarea: 350.0 sq ft 32.5 sq m
  Empty Weight: 17,836 lb 8,088 kg
  Gross Weight: 34,100 lb 15,464 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-4


Examples of this type may be found at
Air Force Flight Test Center MuseumEdwards AFBCalifornia
USS Alabama Battleship Memorial ParkMobileAlabama

RF-8A on display

Air Force Flight Test Center Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Ron Barnett
 Kila, MT
I was assigned to VFP-63 from 1969-1971. Was in det 38 to southeast asia in 1970 on the USS Shangrila. As an AE loved the RF-8G. Looked good and easy to maintain. From there transfered to VF-191 then to different VAQ sqadrons at Whidbey Island Wa. where I Retired. Don't find much info on VFP-63 DET 38.

05/28/2012 @ 19:36 [ref: 58118]
 Jim Bremner
 Oak Harbor, WA
I completed two tours of duty with VFP63, 1961 and again in 1970, both times I deployed on the USS Coral Sea CVA 43. I got to know VFP 63, the Coral Sea, and the RF8 very well. The last two West Packs were made as Maintenance Chief of DET 5. As a PHC, this was not normal, but necessary, when the other Chief, an ADC, suffered a heart attack as we were leaving the States in Nov '71.

I had an interesting 19 month tour as Maintenance Chief, never a dull moment. I had a great crew, three outstanding aircraft. And, as old as they were, they performed in an outstanding manner. I was relieved as Maintenance Chief by an ADC and returned to VFP 63 for transfer to Fleet Reserve in June 73.

Thanks to 12 years in Photographic Systems, I made a
smooth transitioned to employment in the electronic field, and have never looked back. VFP 63 was a great outfit, and will be sorely missed by this old sailor.

Drop me a line at: jmsbremner@aol.com

08/21/2011 @ 21:30 [ref: 47051]
 Charles Arnold
 San Diego, CA
First plane I worked on was an F8. Graduated to the RF8 on the next tour. Saw them through the -G. Good plane. Was involved in putting the "GOM" receiver, chaff dispenser and APR-25 in the planes. Had a lot of fun with the ALQ-51 and 100's. Heavy!
That was a good time in my life. Except with VFP-63 on the 1966 cruise on CVA-34 Oriskany. Unfortunate.
Rather work on these than on the Phantoms. Tomcat was OK but much more than the Crusader.
Remember Robert Rice, Davy Thigpen and a lot of the officers from VF-91, Good pilots all of them.
ATC Charles Arnold, Retired (long time ago)
07/17/2010 @ 15:30 [ref: 27152]
 Gary Tritt
 San Ramon, CA
Flew the RF-8G with VFP-63 Det 2 off the Coral Sea for 2 cruises, 79-80 and again 81-82. Ejected out of 145641 19JUL81 after an engine failure. Took 145631 to the boneyard on 26APR82. Great airplane, many fond memories!
08/31/2009 @ 19:35 [ref: 24360]
 Rene Schreven
 Nijmegen holland, AL


09/26/2008 @ 04:47 [ref: 22746]
 Rene Schreven
 Nymegen, AL
Looking for the e mail adress of David Shreve, i lost his adress after we met in Hua Hin Thailand April 2008, please send the adress to : r.schreven@chello.nl greetings from the Netherland
04/16/2008 @ 10:25 [ref: 20565]
 James Bremner
 Oak Harbor, WA
I completed two tours of duty with VFP63, both times I deployed on the USS Coral Sea CVA 43. I got intimately familiar with VFP63, the Coral Sea, and the RF8. The last two WestPacks were made as Maintainence Chief of DET 5. As a PHC, this was not normal, but necessary. The other Chief had a heart attack as we were leaving the States in Nov'71.
I was relieved as Maintenance Chief by a ADC and returned to VFP 63 for release from active duty in June 73. I had an intresting 19 month tour as maintenace chief; never a dull moment. I had a great crew and three great aircraft. For as old as they were they performed in an excellent manner. Thanks to VFP 63, I persued work in the electronic field an have never looked back.
04/03/2008 @ 10:06 [ref: 20327]
 W. Andy Endresen
 , AK
I liked working on the RF-8A. served with VFP-63 1960 to 1962. Det Foxtrot USS Lexington
11/13/2007 @ 16:19 [ref: 18526]
 david shreve
 louisville, KY
I was at vfp-63 1963-1967, pr3. was on the cva-64 the big O and the coral sea. any one who remember,s give me a hit at the e-mail. I ended up with Kushmans extra fight suit and flight boots. didn't seem important untill you get older and start talking about these things.
02/02/2007 @ 14:30 [ref: 15386]
 Larry Morris
 sun city west, AZ
I am writting this in response to your add in the vva paper.To answer your question, yes many times off of the u.s.s ranger, bon home richards. I was a bmsn and ran river boat out of dan nang, and siagon. These trips were done without t.d.y. orders or any paperwork at all. I served in country in 1962-63 and 1964-65.Some trips were made out of subic bay, p.i. You can contact me at desertshamrock@hotmail.com or p.o.box5642 sun city west,az.85376. I also was a navy instructor.
07/10/2006 @ 16:33 [ref: 13701]


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