Vultee A-35A 'Vengeance'

  Base model:A-35
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1926-1947
  Basic role:Attack

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Known serial numbers
41-31148 / 41-31246


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 john d topley
 Beaune,Burgundy, QC
I noticed that Almont Baltzer has a long term interest in the Vultee Vengeance and I wonder if he has read Vengeance-The Vultee Vengeance Dive Bomber by Peter C.Smith,which is a superb history of that plane.I have been in contact myself with Redge Duncan,through the kindness of Sara Mosher,Redge actually showed my Dad Rodney C Topley the ropes of the Vengeance on his first flight with that plane.My Dad later went on to become the CO of A Flight of 110(Hyderabad)Squadron and flew 94 missions against the Japs as a pilot.
08/31/2008 @ 00:13 [ref: 22586]
 Sara Mosher
 , MB
For information on those who served with 110 Hyderabad (RAF) Squadron from 1941-1945, contact Sara Mosher smosher@gmail.com.
02/19/2008 @ 09:59 [ref: 19724]
 Lynette Ridgewell nee Nicholls
 green point, AL
This is a story of my late uncle P/O Eric Nicholls
In the R.A.A.F. he was trained at Mt Tarampa near Lowood and was a member of the 23rd.Squadron (City of Brisbane). He served in New Guinea. On March 20,1944 flying from Nazab to Port Moresby,after refueling continued to Higgensfield Australia. Developed engine trouble he radioed their position to F/L Bob Marshall then he had to make an emergency landing on a small island. His gunner F/S Gus Allen jettisoned his swivel guns. Unable to make the island the plane would have to be ditched into the sea.
The plane came to rest in deep water on a small tidal isle(Proclaimed Nicholls Cay). Gus made a hasty exit and saw his pilots dilemma. He smashed the perspex canopy with his bare fists and dragged Eric to safety with his shredded hands. Parts of the wreckage are in the Australian War Memorial Canberra.

02/15/2008 @ 19:46 [ref: 19686]
 Sara Mosher
 , MB
Steve Lewis - Our fathers were both WAGs with 110 Hyderabad Squadron at the same time. Please email me for details.
01/17/2008 @ 15:09 [ref: 19337]
 Sara Mosher
 , MB
Ian Lawton, I've met Billie Carmichael's brother. Please contact me. smosher@gmail.com
12/28/2007 @ 09:31 [ref: 19072]
 Sara Mosher
 , MB
My Dad, F/O Kenneth B. Mosher,was a WAG with 110 (RAF) Hyderabad Squadron from November 1943 to December 1944 when he was repatriated to Canada. I found John D. Topley on your site our fathers served with 110 at the same time and must have known each other. I'm very interested in corresponding with anyone who had relatives who were with 110 Hyderabad Squadron at any time during the Burma Campaign.

There was a W/O R. O. Yeates who was a pilot at the same time my Dad was with 110. I believe he was in A Flight under O.C. Flt. Lt. Rodney C. Topley.

Great site, by the way, and thank you!

Best wishes,
Sara V. Mosher
11/01/2007 @ 08:53 [ref: 18367]
 Paul Eden
 , AL
My Uncle, Flying Officer Charles McAllister was killed in an air battle in New Guinea on 24 February 1944. His RAAF plane was Vultee vengeance A27-276 that was based at Nadzab with the 23rd Squadron and had been bombing Jap airfields at Alexishafen..
Pacificwrecks have photos of a wreck believed to be his aircraft that was located in the Adelbert Mountains, Madang province in 1997.
I am seeking any information related to my uncle\'s crash, RAAF 23 squadron, the Vultee Vengeance aircraft itself and if there are any still flying in Air museums. My research has indicated that the plane was prone to mechanical failure and more fatalities of vengeance aircrew resulted from mechanical failure than enemy fire, particularly in the hot tropics where engine overheating plagued them.
hope someone can help

Paul Eden
10/25/2007 @ 03:20 [ref: 18300]
 Gary Tuner
 Port Maitland, NS
Vultee Vengeance pics to clarify previous posting and other FAA aircraft.
08/12/2007 @ 07:46 [ref: 17573]
 Gary Turner
 Port Maitland, NS
Hi there!

Have some pic's (originals) from Fleet Airm Arm contacts in U.K. Looking forward to meeting you if you are in the area...big WWII history buff myself.

Please feel free to email or call 740-3404.


08/12/2007 @ 07:43 [ref: 17572]
 Justin Harris
 Hobart Tasmania, OTH
My late Grandfather flew many Vengeances during the war in differing roles. I have a few photos if anyone would like them passed on. I believe the Vultees at Precision Aerospace are from Whaleworld, Albany W.A. and from the Camden Aviation Museum N.S.W.(Dina Mite). There are also parts of a third. I had heard that one was to be made airworthy and another airworthy/static.
01/16/2007 @ 02:14 [ref: 15196]


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