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Address(1)8260 Boeing Street
Address(2)Building #621 North Field, Oak

    Western Aerospace Museum
    located on one of the world's most historic airfields. Former home of Boeing Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, , Boeing School of Aeronautics, Transocean, World, and Transamerica Airlines, Oakland Naval Reserve Air Station, US Marine Corps and Army Air Corps Reserve Units. departure and arrival point for many historic flights including Hegenberger and Maitland, Smith and Bronte, the , Dole Races, Kingsford smith and crew and Amelia Earhart. currently a very active airfield with private, business, and commercial propeller and jet aircraft including helicopters and blimps.

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    Interstate 880 to Oakland Airport/Hegenberger Road exit. Follow the signs to Oakland Airport. Cross Doolittle Drive intersection and immediately turn right at the North Field sign onto Earhart Road. Drive 7/10ths mile on Earhart until Hangar #6 (Alaska Airlines) on your left. Turn right at the Museum sign.

General Information

    Hours of operation
    Wednesday-Sunday, 10:00- 4:00
    $3.00 for adults and children over 12
    $2 00 additional for Short Solent flying boat tour
Press Releases
1/1 8/1997 - Amelia Earhart Symposium
7/2 0/1996 - The Ford Trimotor 70th Anniversary
1/2 9/1996 - New board members elected.
1/0 9/1996 - Howie Keefe, Air Racing, and "Miss America"
Exhibits - By Primary role
Anti-Submarine - 'S' 1946-1962
 Grumman S2F-1 (Tracker) Serial No: Unknown 
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Douglas A-4M (Skyhawk) Serial No: 158195 
 Douglas KA-3B (Skywarrior) Serial No: 147666 
 Douglas TA-4J (Skyhawk) Serial No: 154332 
 Grumman A-6A (Intruder) Serial No: 152910 
 Grumman KA-6D (Intruder) Serial No: 152910 
 Hawker-Siddeley TAV-8A (Harrier) Serial No: 159831 
 Vought A-7E (Corsair II) Serial No: 159301 
Commercial Transport
 Akron-Funk B Serial No: n9000 
 Douglas DC-6B Serial No: N444SQ 
 Lockheed L.10A (Electra) Serial No: Unknown  
 Lockheed L.10A (Electra) Serial No: n38bb 
 Short Bros. SolentMk III Serial No: N9946F 
Fighter - 'F' 1922-1962
 North American FJ-3 (Fury) Serial No: 139396 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 Grumman NF-14A (TOMCAT) Serial No: 160666 
Homebuilt (USA)
 Rutan Vari-Eze Serial No: N77NS 
Patrol - 'P' 1962-Present
 Lockheed RP-3A (Orion) Serial No: 150520 
Pioneer (Pre WW-I) (USA)
 Wright EX Serial No: Unknown  
Primary Trainer - 'PT' 1925-1947
 Stearman PT-13 (Kaydet) Serial No: Unknown  
 Stearman PT-13D (Kaydet) Serial No: 42-17298 
Spedial Purpose
 Bedeubishi BD-5B Serial No: n325a 
Torpedo Bomber - 'TB' 1935-1946
 Eastern (GM) TBM-3E (Avenger) Serial No: Unknown  
Trainer / Utility Transport (Czech) (Czechoslovakia)
 Zlin 526F Serial No: N29RW 
Trainer, Ground (USA)
 Link Trainer Serial No: Unknown  
Utility Transport (USA)
 Curtiss RobinC-1 Serial No: N389K 
[Not yet classified]
  ARRSPORT Serial No: n17093 
[Not yet classified] (USA)
 Glasair SH-2 Serial No: n4473w 
[Not yet classified]
  MON-110 Serial No: n18629 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Peg McGregory
 Union City, California

In the late 1980's my husband & I took a flight on the Sentimental Journey out of OAK. We went all over the Bay Area, up over the Napa wine country, down to Monterey Bay and returned with a flourish through the Golden Gate Bridge! I don't imagine you still offer such a thrilling ride, do you? It was one of my most memorable Bay Area excursions.
02/03/2009 @ 23:51 [ref: 8660]
 Pamela Kruse-Buckingham
 Oakland, California

The contact information for the Oakland Aviation Museum has changed from what is listed here. For our current information on admissions, hours of operation and Solent tour times, please go to our web site, which is: www.oaklandaviationmuseum.org
01/31/2009 @ 20:09 [ref: 8648]
 Jerry Lach
 Rochester Hills, Michigan

In May,2007, with the approval of Pensacola, I removed parts from your RP-3A for our P-3B here at the Selfridge museum. Your museum staff were great and the displays are first rate. Is there any chance I could get pictures of the RP-3A being scrapped. E-mail them to me or I will pay for shipping of CD or hard copy. It is sad the loss of your RP-3A but many of the parts are now on our museum's P-3B (which is open for interior tours) Thank You for all your support Jerry Lach
01/24/2009 @ 13:07 [ref: 8638]
 Bill Larkins
 , California

The Western Aerospace Museum has been renamed as the Oakland Aviation Museum in 2008.
12/15/2008 @ 20:50 [ref: 8566]
 Huntington Beach, California

Doing business in the east bay and happened to spot the Mig-15 while returning rental car. Drove around tha back road (Earhart?) and then saw the Tomcat. Nice plane. Didn't have time to see everything but spent a few bucks in the gift shop and met a former F105 pilot working at the museum. Hope to see more next time.
08/02/2007 @ 20:21 [ref: 6206]
 mary pallares
 vacaville, California

I belong to squadron 188 civil air patrol. Located just up the road from the museum. We have 12 full boxes of modern day airplane slides. Would you be interested in having them. Please let me know the time and day I can deliver if you are interested.
06/19/2007 @ 09:36 [ref: 6000]
 , California

I enjoyed an afternoon at the Museum and then strolled up and down Earhart Road to see historic buildings. Former NAS (Naval Air Station) Oakland is at the Rental Car Center end of Earhart and the original 1920's Oakland Airport buildings (hotel, vacant; administration building, now an executive jet terminal; and hangars 1 through 5, still used as such) are at the main airport entrance end. Hint: The Western Aerospace Museum is easy to reach by public transit. At the Coliseum / Oakland Airport BART Station, catch an AC Transit Route 50 bus going toward Alameda / Fruitvale. Get off at the Hilton Hotel, which comes up just before the bus enters the airport compound. Cross the street, walk through the aviation training school parking lot, and you'll be on Earhart Road. If you're already at the main airport, catch the rental car shuttle, which conveniently takes you to the other end of Earhart Road. The Museum is roughly in the middle. For historical photos of the airport buildings, visit the Oakland Museum Online, at http://collections.museumca.org/gallery.jsp?user_id=100
09/26/2006 @ 20:51 [ref: 5293]
 Anton van Ruiten
 Potomac, MD/Amsterdam Netherlands, Maryland

Bumped into this museum by coincidence between reading the various bizjets along the street and picking up my rental car further down the road. I had only 5 minutes and therefore didn't pay the $9 entrance fee and spotted from outside the fence. The collection is quite nice but was disappointed that saw planes (A4, TAV-8A, Shorts Solent) have either no or bogus registrations/serials. Current website filled some of the holes though. Will visit next time!
08/20/2006 @ 13:14 [ref: 5199]
 Danville, California

11/11/2005 @ 03:26 [ref: 4574]
 Rob Sorensen
 Oakland, California

2 items for comment: 1) I was coming down Doolittle, to try and find the museum, is an issue. First, the sign is so faded one might wonder if it's really a current attraction. Then, turning left at Swan, no sign to tell which way to go on Earhardt. Bummer to find after that. This can be improved at low bucks. 2) I enjoyed the brief time I was there, could be a well kept secret for many. Do the senior centers make field trips there? Take care> RS
05/19/2003 @ 13:29 [ref: 2851]

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