Massachusetts ANG - 102nd FW, Otis ANGB

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Address(1)Otis ANGB

Exhibits - By Primary role
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 North American F-100D (Super Sabre) Serial No: 56-2995  
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-15A (Eagle) Serial No: 76-0040 
Trainer - 'T' 1948-Present
 Lockheed T-33A (Shooting Star) Serial No: 53-5960  


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 Eatontown, New Jersey

Desent place. They have at least 7 static displays around the base at individuals units. the army has 3 helicopters, the Coast Guard has a plane, the F-15 unit has a plane and there is a random F-86 on post in the middle of a round about in a abondoned and torn down part of the base. litteraly there are 4 roads that lead up from noware to this roundabout. if you are at the army units helos, do an about face (turn directly around) and look strait out and you will see it. Its stands out once you can see it. if your in the area mise well take a look if you got some time to kill.
09/22/2011 @ 19:55 [ref: 24749]

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