North American F-100D 'Super Sabre'

Notes: Supersonic jet fighiter witih thin sweptback wings and after burner. Provisions for buddy tanker refueling (1 CREW) .
  Manufacturer:North American
  Base model:F-100
  Nickname:Super Sabre
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  First Flew:1955/11
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  Length: 49' 4" 15.0 m
  Height:16' 2" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 38' 10" 11.8 m
  Wingarea: 385.0 sq ft 35.7 sq m
  Empty Weight: 20,638 lb 9,359 kg
  Gross Weight: 28,177 lb 12,778 kg
  Max Weight: 38,048 lb 17,255 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-21A (A/B 17,000Lb)
  Thrust (each):11,700 lb 5,306 kg

  Cruise Speed: 587 mph 947 km/h 512 kt
  Max Speed: 877 mph 1,415 km/h 765 kt
  Climb: 19,000 ft/min 5,790 m/min
  Ceiling: 46,900 ft 14,294 m

Known serial numbers
55-2734 / 55-2743, 55-2744 / 55-2783, 55-2784 / 55-2863, 55-2864 / 55-2908, 55-2909 / 55-2954, 55-3502 / 55-3601 , 55-3602 / 55-3701 , 55-3702 / 55-3814 , 56-2903 / 56-2962 , 56-2953 / 56-3022 , 56-3023 / 56-3142 , 56-3143 / 56-3198 , 56-3199 / 56-3346 , 56-3351 / 56-3378 , 56-3379 / 56-3463

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F-100D on display

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Recent comments by our visitors
 Carter B. Endsley
 , FL
I was a jet engine technician assigned to the 48th TFW (Tactical Fighter Wing)(USAFE)in Chaumont,France in 1959 and Lakenheath, England in 1961. (We had to relocate our wing to England, (because we had nucular bombs and Charles De Gaulle wanted us out of France). We had very colorful aircraft with candy stripes on the nose, tail and wingtips.
THe 492nd squadron was blue stripes, the 493rd was yellow and the 494th was red. This was the height of the "Cold War" and included the Berlin crisis where the U.S.tank was facing the Russian tank at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
The F-100D was a no-nonsense fighter bomber, required a lot of attention and was always being modified with different part designs and tech order compliance issues. But, we had a great record, and the 48th had been awarded a "Presidential Unit Citation". We were on "War Alert" 24/7.
08/30/2013 @ 08:08 [ref: 68040]
 William \"Moe\" Moeglin
 , AL
I was a weapons loader (462) on the F-100 at Luke AFB, Az. after finishing Weapons Tech School at Lowry AFB, Colorado. Luke was my first duty station. Six months later, got orders for the war and after leave, went to Bien Hoa AB, Viet Nam '69-70 with the 33rd MMS. There were several squardrons of F-100s and A-37s that I worked on the weapons, gun systems, bomb racks, armament control panels, etc. Never forget a rocket attack there when a 122mm rocket landed at the front of a revetment with a fueled F-100 inside that caught fire and burned to the ground. How the bombs did not go off sitting on the racks amazed me. Loved to watch the 100s take off at night with full afterburner engaged and that long stream of fire coming out the back! Awesome sight.
Long ago and far away - - - -
08/29/2012 @ 18:18 [ref: 66461]
 Bob Carvo
 Flint, MI
Only thing I didn't like about the Hun was changing main wheel/tires.Disconnecting brake lines and removing wheel from brakes stators and rotors then lining them up while pushing wheel back on.
02/28/2012 @ 15:46 [ref: 53471]
 Ross McMillan
 Dallas, TX
I am in the process of writing a feature article for Scale Aviation Modeller International magazine. The focus is a build review of a 1/32 scale model of F-100D 55-3717, assigned to 3 TFW/510 TFS at Bien Hoa AB, which was lost in combat on April 1, 1968. The pilot, Cpt. James W. Brinkman was KIA. I have been a close friend of Jim's younger brother for the past 45 years and my intention is to honor the sacrifice that Jim and his family made that day. If anyone has pertinent photos and/or information that could be included in the article, please contact me via email: sacmactexas@aol.com. Thank you.
02/09/2011 @ 05:25 [ref: 35959]
 Bob Carvo
 Flint, MI
I was a asst.crewchief on F-100D 55-3717 at Clark AB PI June 1967-Dec.67 when we upgraded to the F-4D PhantomII.
12/11/2010 @ 08:15 [ref: 34187]
 Ken Smart
 Salona, PA
I was an Avionics Repairman with the 100s at England AFB (Jun-Aug 66), Phan Rang (Sep 66-Mar 68), and Tuy Hoa (Jul - Sep 70). I was part of the deployment team for the 614th when it went from England to Phan Rang. Spent two weeks on ake Island with two birds due to engine replacement.

Spent 18 months at Phan Rang. Much of it reponding to calls on the alert birds.

Returned in 70 to Tuy Hoa and was in the launch truck when we rotated the F100s out of there and started closing down operations
11/27/2010 @ 17:29 [ref: 33372]
 Floyd Carmichael
 Battle Creek, MI
I was an Air Frame repairman on the F-100 at Phu Cat AB, RVN 37th TFW. I worked on the aircraft from when they first arrived on the base in May of 67 until I left on the 26th of January 68. I had spent 2 months prior to that at Tan Son Nhut AB and arrived at Phu Cat on the 9th of April. No runway yet, thus no aircraft. I love the bird. It was one of the easiest to work on for an airframe repairman.
07/10/2010 @ 10:21 [ref: 27128]
 Kennie Thompson
 Sangerville, ME
I was a crew chief on the Hun for ages....Clark, Cannon, England AFB, Phan Rang and a multitude of other exotic ports of call. My last duty with her was Vietnam and the 615th TFS, 66-67. She was a rugged old girl, tough as nails. I hated to leave her over in Vietnam and I found out she never got a chance to strut her stuff on a pedestal back in the world.....her last hit made her a part of the ground in S.Vietnam. Lots of memories of this old girl...
01/29/2010 @ 04:34 [ref: 25648]
 Al Blum
 Anaheim, California, CA
I was The Crew Chief for your Gate guard F-100D 56-3154 from 1966 to 1069 it was stationrd in the 401st TFW 307th TFS It was the Sq. Commanders Jet. Lt. Col Richard H. Head was the commander. It was good to see the Hun's Picture on your web site.
12/03/2009 @ 05:19 [ref: 25378]
 James O (Jim) Jordan
 Mary Esther, FL
I was stationed at Bien Hoa form Sep 67 to Sep 68 in the 531st Squardron as a crew chief.The HUN is to me the best fighter aircraft there ever was.I spent more than 8 years of my career on them at Luke AFB 57-61,Cannon AFB 61-63,Wethersfield RAF Eng 63-66.One Week at Bien Hoa we flew 15 sorties a night with (4)500lb bombs on each Acft with 100% readiness.
I really miss that old Aircraft
06/18/2009 @ 09:42 [ref: 24248]


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