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North American F-100 (Super Sabre)
Primary Role: Fighter  (USAF "F" 1948-Present)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
YF-100A  Keesler AFB Air Park Keesler AFB, Mississippi52-5755
F-100A (YF-107A)   
F-100A  Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Edwards AFB, California52-5760
   Colorado ANG - 140th FW, Aurora Denver, Colorado53-1578
   Goodfellow AFB Goodfellow AFB, Texas53-1573
   Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB, Utah52-5777
   New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, Connecticut52-5761
   New Mexico ANG - 150th FG, Albuquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico53-1532
   Ohio ANG - 178th FG, Springfield Springfield, Ohio53-1559
   USAF History and Traditions Museum San Antonio, Texas52-5759
RF-100A Reconnaissance  
F-100C  Dyess Linear Air Park Dyess AFB, Texas54-1752
   Iowa ANG - 185th FG, Sioux City Sioux City, Iowa54-2002
   Luke AFB Air Park Phoenix, Arizona53-1716
   March Field Air Museum Riverside, California54-1786
   Mountain Home AFB Mountain Home AFB, Idaho53-1784
   Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia54-1851
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona54-1823
   Reflections of Freedom Historical Air Park Wichita, Kansas54-1993
   USAF Armament Museum Eglin AFB, Florida54-1986
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio54-1753
   Wisconsin ANG - HQ Volk ANGB, Wisconsin54-2106
TF-100C Trainer  
GF-100C  Chanute Display Center Chanute AFB, Illinois54-1785
YQF-100D Radio controlled drone  
F-100D  Air Power Park and Museum Hampton, Virginia54-2145
   Arizona ANG - 162nd FG, Tucson Tucson, Arizona56-3055
   Canon AFB Canon AFB, New Mexico56-2940
   Colorado ANG - 140th FW, Aurora Denver, Colorado56-3299
   Connecticut ANG - 103rd FG, Windsor Locks Winsor Locks, Connecticut55-3805
   Florida Military Aviation Museum Clearwater, Florida
   Fred E. Weisbrod Museum / International B-24 Museum Pueblo, Colorado
   Georgia ANG - 116th FW, Dobbins AFB Marietta, Georgia56-2928
   Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum Foundation Grissom AFB, Indiana
   Holloman AFB Holloman AFB, New Mexico56-3220
   Indiana ANG - 181st FG, Terre Haute Terre Haute, Indiana56-3320
   Iowa ANG - 132nd FW, Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa56-3426
   Lone Star Flight Museum Galveston, Texas56-3154
   Louisiana ANG - New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana56-3020
   Massachusetts ANG - 102nd FW, Otis ANGB Falmouth, Massachusetts56-2995
   Massachusetts ANG - 104th FW, Westfield Westfield, Massachusetts56-3008
   Maxwell AFB Air Park Maxwell AFB, Alabama55-3678
   McClellan Aviation Museum McClellan AFB, California56-3288
   Missouri ANG - 131st FW, Bridgeton Bridgeton, Missouri55-3667
   Nellis AFB Nellis AFB, Nevada55-3595
   New York ANG - 107th FG, Niagara Falls Niagara Falls, New York56-2993
   Ohio ANG - 121st ARW, Rickenbacker ANGB Columbus, Ohio55-2884
   Ohio ANG - 180th FG, Swanton Swanton, Ohio55-3650
   Oklahoma ANG - 138th FG, Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma55-3650
   Selfridge Military Air Museum Selfridge ANG Bas, Michigan56-3025
   Sheppard AFB Air Park Sheppard AFB, Texas54-2151
   South Dakota ANG - 114th FG, Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, South Dakota56-3187
   Texas ANG - 149th FG, San Antonio San Antonio, Texas56-3000
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio55-3754
   Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space Museum Denver, Colorado56-3417
QF-100D Radio controlled drone  
QF-100E Radio controlled drone  
F-100F  Davis-Monthan AFB Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona
   Edward H. White II Memorial Museum Brooks AFB, Texas58-1232
   Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum Middle River, Maryland56-3905
   New Jersey ANG - 177th FG, Atlantic City Atlantic City, New Jersey56-3897
   Selfridge Military Air Museum Selfridge ANG Bas, Michigan56-3894
   USAF Academy USAF Academy, Colorado56-3730
DF-100F Drone director  

North American F-100 on display
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New Jersey ANG - 177th FG, Atlantic City