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Exhibits - By Primary role
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Vought A-7D (Corsair II) Serial No: 70-0982 
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Convair F-102A (Delta Dagger) Serial No: 56-1273 
 Convair TF-102A (Delta Dagger) Serial No: 56-2353 
 North American F-100C (Super Sabre) Serial No: 54-2106 
 North American F-86H (Sabre) Serial No: 53-1358 
 Republic F-105B (Thunderchief) Serial No: 57-5838 
 Republic F-84F (Thunderstreak) Serial No: 51-9365 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4C (Phantom II) Serial No: 64-0891 
Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 North American P-51D (Mustang) Serial No: 44-72989 
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Boeing KC-97L (Stratofreighter) Serial No: 52-905 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Beijing, Alaska

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05/30/2012 @ 19:01 [ref: 44005]
 Daniel jacobson
 Delavan, Wisconsin

I am looking for technical drawings for the landing gear and brakes of the p-51D mustang. I was wondering if you could help me find the source for this information. thanyou for your time sincerely Daniel jacobson
02/10/2006 @ 15:19 [ref: 4789]
 Malcolm Kirby
 , California

Well this will be a long shot... I served AF basic in june/july 1966 in Amarillo Tx. There were 4 basics to a room, I was with 3 fellows all from Wisconsin ANG. There was Larry,Paul and Ron Parsons who was a little older and was planning to continue on to flight school. I would love to hear from any of you guys, Hey, its only been 40 years!!! Malcolm Kirby (from Michigan, now in California)
09/29/2005 @ 00:37 [ref: 4471]
 Dave Roebke
 , Nevada

I grew up in Green Bay and remember seeing F-102's flying over when I was a kid. I'm now retired from the USAF and may have had an opportunity to control one of the aircraft you have on display. The elegant lines of the F-102 and F-100 are a testement to the vision of their designers. Thanks!
06/26/2002 @ 16:14 [ref: 2237]
 Crossville, Tennessee

I stayed at Volk for a few weeks I have several photos of the aircraft there. The museum is interesting also. If anyone would like to see photos of their aircraft I could scan what I have and post them.
02/22/2002 @ 14:09 [ref: 1898]
 John C Kent

I visited the base about 3 times whilst out there on holiday from England and ahve had no trouble gainig access to the base and driving around and nobody stopped me from taking photos. Maybe it is because I am English
11/29/2001 @ 11:08 [ref: 1660]
 Bob Cameron
 Cold Lake, Alberta

Have stayed at motel row in Camp Douglas a few times and found access to Volk Field very difficult. and this is despite the fact I'm retired Air Force !!! The Mustang (1st A/C I worked on) Gate Guard is in splendid condition but would have liked a closeup of the rest. unfortuneatly the 'Vopoo' on the gate said no access.
08/14/2001 @ 20:09 [ref: 1373]

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