Arizona ANG - 162nd FG, Tucson

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Address(1)Tucson International Airport

Exhibits - By Primary role
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Vought A-7D (Corsair II) Serial No: 75-0394  
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Convair F-102A (Delta Dagger) Serial No: 56-1134  
 North American F-100D (Super Sabre) Serial No: 56-3055  
 Republic F-84F (Thunderstreak) Serial No: 52-8973  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Thomas P. McManus
 , Pennsylvania

Don't waste your time here! A/C are on display inside the fence, but you can't get close to them, Very restrictive, you can't get in. I have no idea why this location is even listed. I give it a NO STAR rating.
10/12/2009 @ 08:51 [ref: 9126]
 Billy Bee
 , California

If you don't have a military ID, forget this place, they won't let you in.
12/13/2007 @ 17:49 [ref: 6582]
 Alan Finnegan
 Woodbury, Minnesota

Hello, I am looking for information on the "" Boneyard " I am going to be visiting Arizona the week of Nov18th and would love very much to see all the World War 2 Bombers in storage there, Anyone with any information please send away... Thank you... Alan Finnegan
11/11/2002 @ 12:46 [ref: 2663]
 Tom Studebaker
 Fredonia, Kansas

I would like to get the turbine starter used on the F-100 thunderbird's planes. Does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks, Tom Studebaker
08/18/2002 @ 17:57 [ref: 2392]
 Roger L Schafer
 PORTALES, New Mexico

I have wanted to get down your way for many years. I worked in engine parts plant and remmeber a few parts. The way things are going I mite make it this summer. What are the best accomdations and way to see all you may have in tucson. If it where so warm in the summer I mite just like to move down. I try to make all the air shows at Cannon air base. was atracted here when two different people scraped air craft here. Ashort term in the sixtys was my time with pratt whitney indirect. Aerospace camcar rockford Ill. I rotated the stock. recored the production for the day. Great time if life I was then 27. Thanks for the refence here and have a great year.
01/03/2002 @ 00:08 [ref: 1739]
 Olney, Texas

These are very well maintained static planes. You mainly just see them driving down the street. You may or not get in without military ID. I think they are probably for ANG PR. Drive on down the road to PIMA if you really want to see planes.
08/28/2001 @ 03:43 [ref: 1405]
 Andrew Bates
 Sutton Coldfield, UK,

Small but well presented gate collection. They also have a preserved F-16A 78-0005. ANG personnel provided us with an excellent ramp tour. Thanks guys!
04/15/2001 @ 17:33 [ref: 1031]
 Joe Gurney
 Tucson, Arizona

I am very much interested in taking photos of the aircraft exhibits and was wondering if there are any tours available on the weekends or other times? Who do you call to access this area? or to make arrangements to be able to walk around the aircraft on display?etc. thx, Joe Gurney 760-1604 (h)
08/08/2000 @ 15:23 [ref: 360]

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