Bell UH-1M 'Huey'

  Base model:H-1
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Utility

  Length: 42' 7" 12.9 m
  Height:12' 7" 3.8 m
  Wingspan: 44' 13.4 m
  Empty Weight: 5,071 lb 2,299 kg
  Gross Weight: 9,499 lb 4,308 kg
  Max Weight: 9,500 lb 4,308 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Lycoming T53-L-13
  Horsepower (each): 1400

  Range: 382 miles 615 km
  Max Speed: 148 mph 238 km/h 128 kt
  Climb: 1,400 ft/min 426 m/min
  Ceiling: 11,500 ft 3,505 m

Known serial numbers
414117, 600546, 615017, 615076 / 615077, 615111, 615200, 615217 , 615236 , 659423 , 659548 , 666535 , 666599 , 666655 , 666691

Examples of this type may be found at
Allied Air ForceAllentownPennsylvania
Battleship Cove Heritage ParkFall RiverMassachusetts
Empire State Aerosciences MuseumScotiaNew York
Intrepid Sea-Air-Space MuseumNew YorkNew York
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona
Quonset Air MuseumNorth KingstonRhode Island
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama
Vietnam Veterans Wall SouthWashingtonDist of Col
Virginia Air and Space Center / Hampton History CenterHamptonVirginia

UH-1 M on display

Allied Air Force

Battleship Cove Heritage Park

Empire State Aerosciences Museum

Virginia Air and Space Center / Hampton History Center


Recent comments by our visitors
 Keith Butler
 Pueblo, CO
The Pueblo Air Museum (http://www.pwam.org) has a UH-1M, serial number 65-9484. I am trying to track down the history of this particular machine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
07/05/2013 @ 11:39 [ref: 67928]
 Huntsville, AL
There is a UH-1M at PEO AVN park on Redstone Arsenal, AL. This is the same location as the restored ACH47 'Guns-A-Go-Go"
03/05/2007 @ 08:45 [ref: 15771]
 mike wetherby
 Wellington; New Zealand, AB
Hi I,m a New Zealand based Australian Navy veteran who is also an avid wreck diver.
On a recent dive trip off the south coast of Vietnam, I had the opportunity to dive on several sunken UH-1 Huey\'s as well two Cessna Birddog FAC aircraft and a Huey Cobra gunship. All were in aprox. 50-70 feet and it was quite an effort to, first locate and then dive on these old RVN machines.
Although they are several kilometres from the track of the USS Blueridge and her taskforce; and they\'re in comparatively shallow water; I believe they were part of Operation Frequent Wind ( the evacuation of Saigon).
My dive buddies and I took several shots of these sunken gems with our cameras.Unfortunately this had offended the sensibilities of the local authorities; who promptly confiscated our film.
We are planning another dive at this site in late 2007/early 2008 using smaller more compact digital cameras ( memory sticks are easier to conceal than 35mm film )
Hopefully we\'ll have some pix to upload for anyone who\'s interested.
We\'ll keep you posted.
I\'m off to Papua New Guinea next month to dive on some WW2 Japanese wrecks. If I come across any aircraft down there I
will let you know.
I loved looking at your website and will visit regularly
All the best;
Mike and Steve

P.S. I put Alberta as state/province because this thing insisted on me putting something there even though we're not even in Nth America
08/19/2006 @ 16:01 [ref: 13924]
 John M. Harris
 , CA
There is also a UH-1M on display & mounted on a pedestal at the entrance to Los Alamitos Army Airfield, in Southern California. The aircraft's serial number is 64-14117. The aircraft flew for years out of the same airfield while assigned to Troop D, 1/18th Cavalry, 40th Inf Div, CA-ARNG. I had the the privilege of flying 117 for years. It was dubbed the "Death Star" and the name is still painted on the nose.
CW5 John M. Harris
06/11/2002 @ 12:13 [ref: 5090]
 Butch Lottman
 Lincoln, NE
Please stop by US Army Attack Helicopters at http://incolor.inetnebr.com/iceman and check out the photo galleries of the UH-1M as well as the different models of the Cobra.
05/22/2000 @ 07:43 [ref: 219]


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