Convair C-131D 'Samaritan'

Notes: C-131B modified as passenger transport (4 CREW, 44 PASSENGERS) .
  Base model:C-131
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  First Flew:1954/07/28
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  Length: 79' 2" 24.1 m
  Height:28' 2" 8.5 m
  Wingspan: 105' 4" 32.1 m
  Wingarea: 920.0 sq ft 85.4 sq m
  Empty Weight: 31,305 lb 14,197 kg
  Gross Weight: 49,700 lb 22,539 kg
  Max Weight: 52,414 lb 23,770 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB17
  Horsepower (each): 2500

  Range: 1,300 miles 2,093 km
  Cruise Speed: 299 mph 481 km/h 260 kt
  Max Speed: 337 mph 542 km/h 292 kt
  Climb: 1,260 ft/min 384 m/min
  Ceiling: 24,900 ft 7,589 m

Known serial numbers
55-0290 / 55-0301

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Mobility Command MuseumDover AFBDelaware
Hill Aerospace MuseumHill AFBUtah
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia
McClellan Aviation MuseumMcClellan AFBCalifornia
Selfridge Military Air MuseumSelfridge ANG BasMichigan
South Dakota Air and Space MuseumEllsworth AFBSouth Dakota
Travis Air Force MuseumTravis AFBCalifornia
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio
Vermont ANG - 158th FG, BurlingtonBurlingtonVermont

C-131D on display

March Field Museum

Travis Air Force Museum

United States Air Force Museum

Vermont ANG - 158th FG, Burlington


Recent comments by our visitors
 Bill Smith
 Ft. Worth, TX
Was assigned to a 131-D crew in 1971 at Randolph AFB, TX. Tail #55298. It was a great flying and great looking aircraft. We did a lot of civic leader pr flights taking vip's here and there. We spent a lot of time fixing oile leaks and buffing the aircraft till it shinned in the Texas sun. Looked great with it red, white and blue prop tips. Wished I knew if it was still around somewhere on static display. Would like to see her again.
10/14/2015 @ 08:00 [ref: 69273]
 C. Olson
 , MN
While attending A&P school in Fargo, ND 1985 the ANG operated a convair and it was transferred out to another unit. I have always wondered what happened to that Happy Hooligan? Any suggestions on research?
11/09/2009 @ 05:47 [ref: 25265]
 Carl Donaldson
 Portland, OR
My updated e mail address.
03/08/2009 @ 10:35 [ref: 23906]
 Carl Donaldson
 Portland, OR
My e-mail address. I worked in the orderly room of the 13th AMTS from apr 62 to oct 65
11/25/2008 @ 12:15 [ref: 23137]
 Ernest (Jim) Eaton
 Sanford, ME
Updated e-mail address for Ernest (Jim) Eaton eastklondikejim@gmail.com 13th AMTS Apr 58 thru Apr 62 A/E Mechanic
11/06/2008 @ 10:26 [ref: 22991]
 Carl Donaldson
 Portland Oregon, OR
07/25/2008 @ 15:38 [ref: 22258]
 Edwin Blehschmidt
 Morgantown, WV
I flew on a 131-d at Bolling AFB, Special Air Missions Sqd 1957&1958 This was a nice aircraft for stateside use.
05/03/2008 @ 16:15 [ref: 20786]
 william b. doss
 new holstein, WI
Iwas stationed at Travis afb, 13th aereomed as a medic from 1957 to 1960. Would like to hear from anyone there at that time.
12/05/2007 @ 07:51 [ref: 18801]
 Atlanta, GA
hi, I will like to know where can I find parts for un Big and strong C131, I will appreciate your information.
Thank you.
12/08/2006 @ 01:35 [ref: 14948]
 R. Lipking
 Simi Valley, CA
We had three Convairs at Edwards AFB that I worked on from 1972 to 1973. I think it was 807 that we really fixed up with new carpet, window curtains, and most of the seats were matching. A really good aircraft...I miss hearing those engines rev up.
08/01/2004 @ 03:59 [ref: 7954]


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